No artist’s sound makes me feel quite like Adele’s soulful voice. Lady Gaga may make me want to dance and Taylor Swift can always get me to belt about a guy, but there is something much deeper and passionate about Adele’s songs. Her sophomore album, “21,” dropped in late February to rave reviews from many critics. While it was hardly a surprise after her successful debut album, “19,” Adele delivered another powerful set of high quality music.

The album’s first track, “Rolling in the Deep,” posseses a great back beat and is matched with Adele’s strong vocals. The song was the perfect choice to start the record. The background percussion paired with the vocal passion in the chorus of the song make this an excellent song to sing while driving or showering.

Following “Rolling in the Deep” is another single from the album, “Rumor Has It.” This song consists of a nice mixture of sass and soul and perfectly demonstrates Adele’s vocal strength. It was a smart choice for her to open the album with two fun songs that showcase her vocals because it puts you in a happy place before the more emotional songs come into play.

“Turning Tables” and “Someone Like You” stand out the most from the other soulful tracks. “Turning Tables” is a song about finally leaving a romantic partner that treats you deplorably and taking back your own life. Though it was poorly covered by Gwyneth Paltrow on “Glee,” the song punches through as† a ballad of empowerment for anyone who listens for a sense of hope.

My favorite song from the album is “Someone Like You.” The song shows appreciation and nostaligia for past loves. Instead of being regretful or critical of her past† significant others, Adele recognizes the positives that came out of the relationship. The lyrics of this song are so powerful, and Adele’s intense vocals will truly knock you down. The song is a truly moving experience, which may prompt you to play it on repeat.

What makes Adele significant and noteworthy is that she is not selling an image but instead she is selling her talent. †Her ballads are meaningful and powerful because the melodies and the lyrics are original. No matter how emotional or angry she †gets in a song, her voice is clear and powerful. Here music is a raw release. You’ll rarely experience this quality of vocal talent in today’s music scene.

Katy Perry might tell me I’m a “Firework” but Adele assures me that I am braver and that I can be my own savior, a message that is far more powerful than any sugar-coated pop song by Britney Spears. Adele is an artist I am proud to call a product of my generation, and I look forward to her future albums.

Want more Adele? Head on over to her official website There you can go behind-the-scenes with exclusive videos of the production of her album. But, don’t forget to download her entire music at iTunes, your ears and mind will thank you.