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A Wooster Bucket List

There are 17 days left until graduation. Seventeen days until seniors leave behind both the good and the bad of Wooster, Ohio, including Lowry, all-nighters, Friday nights at the UG, exams, Sunday morning breakfasts at Farmer Boy and many of our friends.† I don’t know how this happened, seeing as I’m 100 percent positive I was living in Compton last year dancing to Lady Gaga and freaking out about a paper I had to write for First-Year Seminar.† Even though I’m completely in denial that we’re leaving in a little over two weeks, I know we have to make these last few weeks count.† As a senior filled with nostalgia caused by the little amount of time we have left here, I have some advice for how underclassmen can make the most of the time they have.

1. Explore Wooster.† Wooster is filled with great restaurants like City Square, Broken Rocks, Muddy Waters, Old Jaol and Hero House, and they are definitely worth investigating before you leave.† Also, Wooster has a collection of unique stores like the Bead CafÈ, Pink Tomato, the Gift Corner and Everything Rubbermaid.† We’re also very close to great salons like Tricia Marie’s and Spa Collections.† I know that sometimes it can be hard to find time to get outside of the College, but downtown can be really fun if you know where to go.

2. Spend as much time with friends as possible.† This may be obvious, but sometimes we take friends for granted, thinking that they will always be just down the hall or two dorms over.† However, we all have friends who live all over the United States and the world, and after graduation, sad as it is, we won’t be able to see them as much.† It’s important that we take advantage of the time we have with them now and live it up.

3. Get involved. I know we’ve all heard how important being in a club or having a leadership role is in getting a job after graduation, but it can also be really fun if you find the right group for you.† I joined a sorority my first year and was also one of the founding members of Cooking Club my sophomore year.† Not only has that been a great addition to my resume, but it also helped me meet some of my best friends.† Scot Spirit Day is a great way to become informed about the clubs Wooster already has -ó and we have a lot -ó and if you can’t find one you want to join, you can always start your own!

Honestly though, the most important thing to do with your time left here is have fun.† Whether it’s spending time with friends, taking a late night Taco Bell run, going to Amish Country ó which is actually really fun ó or going to a movie, just do whatever makes you happy.† We all know Wooster’s course load can be intense, and at times it seems impossible to take even a 10 minute break for dinner, but you should be able to look back at your time in college and remember how great these four years were and how many lasting memories you made.

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