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Interview with Bree Sharp of Beautiful Small Machines

Hear the full interview of the New York-based group here. Caught somewhere between the 70’s, 80’s and deep space, this electro-pop duo (Bree Sharp, Don DiLego) learned about comedy from adult swim and heartache from Philip K. Dick and they’re spewing it all back out at you like a bunch of mandroids on whiskey and […]

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This Week in Photos

This Week in Photos is back. The Wooster Voice is proud to offer you a new way to keep in touch with everything happening on campus. If you have any photos of interesting events happening on campus, or if you’re a Wooster student abroad, feel free to email them to [flagallery gid=1 name=”Gallery”]

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Midwest Real Food Summit 2011

Last weekend five members from the environmental studies department at the College attended the Midwest Real Food Summit at Northwestern University in Chicago. I will admit now that I was one of the five. Crammed tight in an Altima, we made our way to the windy city with one thing on our mind: real food.

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Two generations of Egyptian diplomats address campus

This past Wednesday, the College hosted Adel and Maher El-Adawy, two Egyptian ambassadors, as part of a special event planned for the Great Decisions lecture series. The two ambassadors, the grandfather and father of two College of Wooster students, addressed a packed Gault Auditorium Wednesday evening on the future of the Middle East process given […]

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Ohio teachers take center stages in battle over union rights

Ohio teachers are becoming the front line fighters against Ohio bill that is looking to slash a $8 million deficit by curbing union negotiation rights. Republican law makers are hoping this bill will give state and local law makers more discretion in establishing pay scales and handling internal conflicts. (Fox News)

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Local wine classes teach basics

By Emily Bartelheim, Features Editor Are you one of those people who aspires to be a classy wine-drinker, but whenever you walk through the wine aisle at Beuhler’s you just grab a cheap bottle of whatever has a cool name like “Fat Bastard” or “Elephant on a Tightrope?”† Lucky for you, the Wooster Inn offers […]

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