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Jerry Springer Opera ignites protest

The Beck Center for the Arts in Cleveland is running “Jerry Springer: The Opera” during the 2011 spring season. The opera, which opened in April 2006 in London, is the brainchild of British comedians Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee. The listing on the Beck Center’s website says “Strippers, cheating spouses and tap-dancing Ku Klux Klan […]

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Campus alcohol policy slated to change

Campus Council may grant upperclassmen more social freedom by Gina Chirsto, News Editor The college Judicial committee† is still in the process of reviewing the campus alcohol policy. While first-year dorms are to remain dry, other residential halls around campus may be given the option of a new place to hang out and socialize with […]

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A closer look at the Wooster Fund

On Monday, the Office of Business Affairs celebrated the school’s third annual Tuition Freedom day, in recognition of the generous donations of alumni and other private donors. According to the event’s planners, Monday marked the day that our paid tuition “runs out,” indicating that the remainder of the academic year is paid for by donors. […]

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Circle K stays active

By Rachel Myers, Features Editor Circle K is revamping its mission on campus. As a service group, it is tackling new projects to get the campus community involved in service. In the wake of the graduation of senior leadership, Circle K is making the most of its reconstruction and making its presence through service as […]

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A divided right and the 2011 budget

One of the most important and difficult aspects of running the government is deciding how to allocate funds for each fiscal year. That is why the current congressional debate on the 2012 Federal Budget has been† getting so much attention in the past week. The House of Representatives, now under the new management of Speaker […]

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Kayaker takes photo of English Loch Ness monster

Last week Tom Pickles, 24, used a camera phone to capture a photo of “Bownessie,” a reputed monster in Lake Windermere. The photo shows an object with three humps gliding on the surface of the 11-mile lake. This is the eighth sighting of the creature in the past five years. Due to the small size […]

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