Ohio Treasury aims to provide help to students

For many students, their college experience is characterized by the stress of having to deal with huge financial burdens. In these tough economic times, this burden is only exacerbated. To address studentsí growing problems with paying tuition, the Ohio Treasurerís Office has begun the Launch into Life program, which is a series of financial workshops offered on the campuses of various schools around the state.

ìThese seminars provide students with basic financial strategies on how to create a monthly budget, managing student loan debt, and avoiding credit card abuse. The program also reaches out to parents of college students and gives them strategies for helping them advise their children on how to make sound financial decisions,” said the Officeís Media Relations Manager NÌel M. Jurist. †† Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce (pictured right) started the series in October partly in response to recent legislation that has been introduced to Congress to protect credit card consumers. It is part of a larger umbrella program whose aim is to educate Ohioans on a variety of personal finance topics (Photo courtesy AP).