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Some of the most memorable moments in life are those where one is left perplexed and amazed at the undeniable ability of a musical artist.

It is hard to explain the phenomenon of music, and even harder to explain the stimulating pieces which captivate people around the globe.

Every genre of music has the capacity to amaze listeners with its beautiful arrangement of tones, allowing the listener a gateway into the souls of the artists themselves.

Acquiring this ability is not an easy feat.

Many musicians the world over attempt to master their instruments and expand upon the many genres of music we know today.

As music is stretched into new realms of rhythmic and theoretical geniuses, it seems that there has been an overwhelming sense of artistic Darwinism, where only the best will carry on into the next generation of music.

Andy Mckee, an acoustic guitarist, has gone above and beyond not only the technical skill required for a masterful player, but he has also acquired the ability for tonal understanding.

Born and raised in Topeka, Kan., Mckee got his start in music at age 13, when his father got him an acoustic guitar as a gift.

Initially having no interest in the instrument, Mckee”‘s passion for his particular type of playing developed following his presence at a guitar clinic featuring fingerpicking demigod Preston Reed. After the performance, Mckee purchased an instructional video featuring Reed, and began to teach himself the complex and eclectic methods portrayed on the tape.

Once a nonentity in his life, Mckee”‘s fervor for playing the guitar surged rapidly, eventually resulted in his dropping out of high school in order to pursue a career in music full time.

It is his combination of arrangement and technical skill that throw the listener into a frenzy of disbelief.

This artist must not only be listened to intently, but also watched. One cannot help but smile as this humble man plays not only one complex riff at a time, but a series of technical maneuvers as if it were second nature.

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I will recommend the songs “Drifting,” “The Friend I Never Met,” and “Rylynn.” “Drifting” starts with a predominately rhythmic riff that instantly becomes a flurry of beautiful tones arranged into a true work of art.

Within seconds of watching Andy Mckee play, it is obvious that he has reached a plateau where few, if any, artists have ever been.

Andy Mckee truly astounded me with his ability, and allowed me to think of acoustic guitar in a whole new light.

This artist has an understanding of the instrument he plays and utilizes every part of the instrument.