Beverly Hills is back!

Just like high school boyfriends, television shows come and go.

Occasionally, a television show (or two) will make a comeback and revamp a TV network, enrich it with life and make things a little bit more exciting.

Think “Sex and the City.”

As everyone knows, it was a sad day in the TV world when Carrie said goodbye to both Paris and her hit TV show.

Carrie fans everywhere were just waiting for the show to make some type of resurgence.

Although “Sex and the City” never continued their HBO TV series, they did surprise audiences with a “Sex” movie filled with over-the-top love scenes and high fashion costumes only affordable to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

I”‘m not sure about you, but when I was younger, I waited for “Beverly Hills, 90210” to make a come back with a movie very similar to the popular TV series.

Darren Star and Aaron Spelling knew what they were doing.

The “old” television series touched the lives of many teens.

The issues addressed in the original “90210” were hot and heavy (at the time).

In the 90″‘s, it was a big deal to address such topics as date rape and teen pregnancy, something that, if done now, people wouldn”‘t flinch at.

So if teacher-student relationships and drug abuse are nothing new to this generation, what could the new “90210” possible address in their TV drama?

I am aware that the new “90210” has more risky themes and racy plots than the original series.

The new “90210” is trying to appeal itself (and compete with) the same TV audience as viewers of the popular TV show, “Gossip Girl.”

In the new series, a character flies his date to San Francisco for a dinner date. Is this realistic? Is this really how television producers are reading our generation (or at least the upper class California teenagers)?

So the question is this: will the new “90210” be popular?

Will the American public accept this comeback?Or will it just pass by like a high school boyfriend who was simply too little too late?

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