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Gianna Hayes

News Editor

On the morning of Monday, Feb. 12, students in Scheide Music Center were surprised to find the floor by the practice rooms and instrument lockers swelled and flooded alongside a soaked rug and cracking floorboard. Custodial staff removed the floorboards and dried out the flooring underneath. As of Feb. 20, there remains a vacuum in the hall of the Scheide practice rooms to continue drying out the flooring. 

According to Beau Mastrine, director of facilities budget and project administration, the school will be “putting the flooring back in the near future.” He confirmed that the source of the flooding was a broken sink handle from one of the all-gender bathrooms located in the hallway. While the handle has been fixed, the flooring remains under maintenance and the top floorboards and rugs have yet to be replaced.

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Gianna Hayes

Gianna Hayes is a News Editor for the Wooster Voice. They are from Newark, Ohio, and are a sophomore Chemistry and English double major.