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Come for the music, stay for President Bolton blowing bubbles. This was the consensus among students in attendance at Springfest this past weekend, put on by the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC). It was truly a night to remember — one you did not want to miss. If you did miss it, however, here’s everything you need to know about the evening. 

         Activities kicked off around 5 p.m. and there was something for just about everyone! Many people found their competitive spirit and enjoyed the fun, partaking in the inflatable obstacle courses available on the academic quad. Aubrey Davis ’25 summed up the experience shared by many: “My arms are shaking but I feel accomplished.” For those less inclined to battling it out in the hamster balls, there were plenty of snacks and refreshments, all courtesy of WAC. 

         At 7 p.m., the real party started! Spotting Sarah, a student band, opened first with a well-received set of both covers and original music. The crowd loved every minute of it, even encouraging an encore. “We only recently formed up as a band so being able to play on this scale for the campus before multiple of our members graduate was an absolute blast,” explains Karabella Hernandez ’22, the lead singer of Spotting Sarah.  “Playing music with friends has honestly been the highlight of this school year for me,” Colin Schrein ’25 added. “The other artists were amazing as well. I was honored to be able to open for Kenzo Cregan and Wallice.”

         In a last-minute replacement, the second performance was an acoustic set by Kenzo Cregan. While it was not what many expected, all were enthusiastic. The performers even stuck around and had a blast socializing with the students. “I thought it was very funny that we were wearing the same outfit. [Cregan] acknowledged it and we had a good laugh about it,” shared Shane Byrne ’23. Many enjoyed the duo’s folksy, original songs and how their personality set the stage for the long-anticipated headliner: Wallice! Wallice came all the way from Los Angeles to perform and everyone couldn’t get enough. She sang all of her most popular songs and even a few from her new EP that is being released this Friday. Students enjoyed her relatable lyrics and her personality on and off the stage. 

         Events like this don’t happen without months of preparation. Whether it be the tireless planning down to the wire by the dedicated members of WAC or the overtime hours put in by the generous volunteers, putting on the first in-person Springfest in three years was no easy task. “It’s fun, usually not that annoying, but sometimes things don’t go how we plan. That’s whenever we start improvising,” explained Preston Melchior-Fisher ’24, Vice President of Membership and Finance for WAC, when interviewed at the conclusion of the event. Executing an event of this size is hard, but can always be made easier with more volunteers. One volunteer, Robert Stark ’23, discussed his fulfilling experience working alongside WAC members. “This is one of the most fun nights every year, a fantastic tradition. It’s so great of WAC to put this all on and provide all the fun and exciting activities. Volunteering was a chill experience, but we always need more hands on deck.” 

         All in all, the results are in: Springfest is back and it was a resounding success! We all owe WAC a big thank you for making yet another weekend memorable beyond compare. After all, no one put it better than Alexa Carlozzi ’23: “I got to boogie, and that’s a good night for me!”

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Chloe Burdette

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