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If you have seen “Euphoria,” Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, needs no introduction. He is a fan favorite and I would not blame someone if they transferred schools and switched their major to film studies just to do a dissertation on this legend of a character. Words fail to really capture the weird limbo “Fez,” as he is widely known, is in and the way he seems to float between worlds. In one scene, he might be trying to survive a routine encounter with his “guys,” while in the next he is engaging in deep conversations with Lexi. A quick disclaimer: I am the farthest thing from Fez in every way possible and I was skeptical of watching “Euphoria” for a while, however, I watched it for the first time over spring break and I love this show, and Fez is just downright awesome. Here are my subjective top 7 Fezco moments from both seasons of “Euphoria.”

**This article won’t make any sense unless you have watched “Euphoria.”

1)  “You want some Pepto Bismol or somethin’?” This line is priceless in every way possible. The way Rue storms into his house and runs straight for the bathroom is hilarious. Of course, we later find out it was her way of distracting him before making a beeline for Grandma’s dresser. Still, this scene illustrates how Fez does not assume the worst in people, but genuinely opened his door for a friend in need with no strings attached.

2)  “YO! You recorded that shit?” Everything about this whole scene is golden. Cal Jacobs exposing himself to Fez without realizing he was not even involved in some imagined extortion plot was not just amazing, but also really put the whole tangled mess of the ordeal into perspective. Here, we have a successful businessman telling a drug dealer how bad he screwed up.

3)  “That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner.” This line first came up when we got Fez’s Grandma’s backstory. She took him under her wing when he was still pretty young and included him in all of her shady deals and the family business. Fez later used this line in reference to Ashtray, who could probably get an entire article to himself.

4)  “Hell the f*** no!” Rue gets some pretty big (and bad) ideas in the second season when she’s really going through one of her worst phases. She pitches a business idea to Fez wherein she proposes that she act as a middle-man to sell drugs to kids at East Highland. His reaction is exactly what we were all thinking, but his delivery makes it gold.

5)  “She came in yesterday lookin’ all Sailor Moon and shit.” This line comes about during our first look at an interaction between Rue and Fez in the first season. What puts it on my list is the fact that this turned out to be incredibly perceptive of Fez who “isn’t always revolving in the same direction as planet Earth.” Rue’s narration of this interaction was hilarious and set the tone of the entire first episode.

6)  “I just wanna tell you that talking to you was one of the best parts of my whole year.” This is the real Fez. Forget the drugs and the mostly deadpan mask he puts on every day, this scene was beautiful and, at first, I did not like the idea of Fez + Lexi, but I would’ve given my left thumb to see him make it to her play in the end.

7)  “I love you. I hate you. You da best. It’s all the same.” Rue and Fez catch up at a party where Rue apologizes for a previous manic episode where she came unhinged and said some pretty regretful things to Fez when he refused to sell to her. Being the most emotionally mature character in the show, Fez accepted her apology and told Rue she has to stop letting drugs be the answer to her problems. A real moment of friendship.

All in all Fezco is brilliant. I’m no movie critic, but I know how a character makes me feel, and I was rooting so hard for him by the end of the second season. I enjoy reminiscing on how I felt about him from the moment he first appeared on screen to the moment the cameras zoomed in on Lexi’s unopened letter as he was carried away. I have never done such a hard one-eighty on my thoughts and general animosity toward a show, but Fezco helped me unlock a perceptiveness you can only experience if you watch all the way through.

Written by

Chloe Burdette

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