Trivia Competition for Only the Nerdiest Students

Ellen McAllister

Creative Editor




Nerdology Trivia, hosted by the Admissions Office on Sunday, April 4 was a great way for current and prospective College of Wooster students to spend time together in a fun and relaxed environment. The event consisted of four rounds of trivia play with 10 questions per round. The categories included general knowledge, recognition of different signs from various movies and TV shows and bardcore — pop music that is arranged to sound like music from medieval times. While there were smaller prizes such as Wooster gear for each round, all teams were competing for the ultimate prize: cash! 

            Students were able to create their own teams and team names, which added another level of creativity and excitement to the event. During each round, the group was shown or read a question that corresponded with the topic. Then, the teams had four minutes to work together to figure out and finalize their answers. Each correct answer was worth one point and there was an “all in” option to potentially double their points earned. Students were reminded to only  go “all in ” when they were sure all their answers were correct because even if one was wrong, the team would get zero points for that round, potentially preventing them from winning the coveted first prize. 

            While waiting for the host to tally the points in between rounds, mini trivia games called Nerd Alerts were held. This allowed the students to be engaged while waiting for the results of the previous round, giving them a chance to show off their knowledge. During one Nerd Alert, current and potential students tried to name as many Marvel movies that were released in theaters as they could without mentioning one that had already been said. For another, two students formed one all-knowing being, named Mr. Know-It-All, and were asked questions from the audience ranging in category and depth from “What is Sunflower the cat’s favorite food” to questions about how gravity and the universe works. The two students had to answer the questions by each saying one word at a time. 

            Frankie Readshaw ’25, who hosted another activity for potential Wooster students remarked “I would absolutely kill it,” in a mythology category. She was happy to share the evening answering questions with fellow and potential students. Enticed by the promise of prizes and a chance to interact in a different way, Readshaw brought her two prospective students to the trivia night after they got to experience dinner in Lowry, as well as an assortment of other activities to show all that campus has to offer. She wanted to add that “the trivia hosts were really energetic and enthusiastic, and it really made for a goofy and low-pressure mood,” something that is great when getting to know people, especially your potential  peers. 

          Team False got the most correct answers despite their name and won first place and $100 in cash to split amongst themselves. The second-place team was awarded $50, while the team that got last place did not go away empty handed, winning a sharable container of cheeseballs. 

            If you are interested in attending more fun events like Nerdology Trivia, keep an eye on the POT and look for emails from the Admissions Office.