In-the-Round Fall Dance Concert Opens this November

Mekdes Shiferaw

A&E Editor


This week, the College of Wooster’s Theatre and Dance department will proudly introduce the first Fall Dance Concert in a semi-post-COVID-19 world. Besides it being the first show in quite some time, this upcoming concert is unique in that it is entirely choreographed by students. The eight student choreographers are Liv Kline ’22, Ivan Mreis Akiri ’22, Nikki Preucil ’22, Katie Spence ’23, Bee Bi ’23, Gracie Shreve ’23, Morgan Carson ’23 and Julian Grimes ’25. Drawing from various inspirations and covering sensitive topics such as chaos, control, body image, female empowerment, hospitals, discomfort, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, the students will be showcasing their own original work. In addition, the concert also highlights the work of student costume designers and lighting designers.

The concert is “in-the-round,” meaning that the audience is seated around all four sides of the stage. This design choice creates an immersive and intimate experience. It also poses a unique challenge to the choreographers because they have to make sure their piece looks good from all angles, not just “the front.” Moreover, Akiri will be presenting his I.S. piece that incorporates elements of the visual arts into the concert.

In discussing their individual roles as well as their roles as collaborators in the concert, Preucil, who choreographed a piece titled “Nothing Unseen” by drawing inspirations from discourses and perceptions regarding body image, reflected, “I think that within the show there is a lot of collaboration, but also within each individual piece. What I love about choreographing here is that it is very much a collaborative process, where the choreographers receive input from their dancers as well as the choreographers and dancers from other pieces.” Further, Grimes shared, “My dance is very martial arts inspired, and is meant to show the control of the mind and body developed by martial arts.” Professor Baird, who is a visiting assistant professor of theatre and dance and director of this concert stated, “Overall, I am immensely proud of all the work that the students have put into the show, and I am continually impressed by how vulnerable they have been in the rehearsal process. I think it’s going to be a great show and I hope that the student body comes out to support them.” The choreographers ask that we, as an audience, keep an open mind and experience the performance holistically.

When: Nov. 18, 19 and 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Freedlander Theatre

How to get tickets: The box office opens on Monday, Nov. 15. Student tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance. Students can physically stop by the box office (in Freedlander Theatre), or call (330)-263-224.

COVID-19: All audience members are required to show proof of full vaccination. Masks are required throughout the performance.

Scan this QR code to reserve tickets online:

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