Jenelle Booker

Contributing Writer


If you think things have been intense lately, you’re right, and the stars say so too! Here’s a quick guide to the astrological transits this week, featuring the start of our eclipse season–the Taurus Lunar Eclipse happening TODAY!

Lunar Eclipse along Taurus-Scorpio Axis – Occurring at exactly 3:57am ETS, this partial lunar eclipse will exaggerate the effects of the already influential Taurus Full Moon. Illuminating the night, full moons bring attention to the deeply repressed. Although this can be a very emotional time, the full moon forces you to release, and therefore, to heal. So, as a lunar eclipse, this is a great time to hurdle over your greater roadblocks and even jumpstart your life, especially in areas ruled by Taurus and Scorpio.

For those with Sun, Moon, and/or Rising in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo (but especially for my Tauruses and Scorpios) your energy is likely to be eclipsed as well–be sure to prioritize your rest! 

This is a great time to set intentions to transform or manifest in the areas of your life ruled by Taurus (finance, diet, safety and security, values) and Scorpio (shared finances, credit/loans, inheritance, relationships, sexuality, death or near-death, personal rituals).

Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio – The DRAMA! Scorpio is notoriously intense and investigative, dissatisfied with the superficial. The Sun’s placement in Scorpio sets our overarching focus on the hidden and the secret. With Mercury, the planet ruling our everyday communication and thought processes, we are likely to be more single-minded during this time. The planet of action, aggression, and sex, Mars, supplements Sun and Mercury with heightened passion and stamina. Our intense focus below the superficial is even more exaggerated by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which are what astrologers call a T-Square (90-degree angle) to the planets in Scorpio. Square aspects are hot-headed, and often inspire disagreement and action. Adding icing to our already enhanced cake, Uranus in Taurus is opposite (180-degrees) to Mars and Mercury, bringing about the eruptive release of anything constrained in the past, especially startling facts, opinions (Mercury). As a more positive aspect, the opposition will be, inevitably, for our personal and our collective improvement. This week will be eventful, to say the least, but the energy and action will help move things forward!

With Mercury in Scorpio, be conscious of your thoughts, as they are likely to be very obsessive during this time, often inspiring jealousy, vindictiveness, and manipulation. Scorpio placements are likely to be the topic of gossip at this time. Stay off of YikYak.

With Mars in Scorpio, direct your focus to the projects or areas of your life that are lacking. This is also a great time to dedicate more energy to the areas of life ruled by Scorpio. You are likely to feel physically renewed by Scorpio-related activities, such as sex.

Venus in Capricorn – Venus will be doing the heavy lifting this week to keep things slow and reserved. As the planet that rules our adoration, values, love and personal aesthetics, Venus in Capricorn makes us more likely to place value on the people or things that are more practical, reliable and enduring. This applies to our romantic attraction as well, as we are likely to be more attracted to “traditional” or reserved people during this time. Capricorn placements may be particularly attractive. In the sign of social status, professionalism, and discipline, Venus places a rosy veil over the areas of career and institutions, making it easier to negotiate and connect with your superiors and peers. This will go well to balance the explosive energy this month.

This is a great time to get ahead in anything related to career, formal education, or institutions/organizations. Ask for that recommendation! Superiors are more likely to bestow favors or become mentors. Get back on LinkedIn and go to office hours.

Generally, this is a good time to give yourself some alone time and drop into your emotions. Ruling our more day-to-day activities, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are encouraging you to make a serious judgement on what aspects in your life can endure the long term. Habits, perspectives, and relationships that are detrimental or aren’t in your best interest will be snatched away, so try not to be too attached during this time. It’s for the best! All in all, this month will allow us as individuals, as well as a collective, to transform to our greater selves.

(For those desiring an individualized horoscope, look to where these planets fall on your birth chart.)