Please Say Please, Thanks for Saying Thanks

Tali Lansing

Contributing Writer 


Working in Lowry is not an easy job. Sometimes it looks like the employees are standing around while we grab food, but there is so much more that goes on in the background. Feeding over 2,000 people who each have their own dietary restrictions, preferences and opinions is a challenge and it is made more impossible when students are not appreciative of their efforts. Furthermore, I have seen students be blatantly rude to Lowry employees. 

Unlike us, they do not get a fall break. They do not get to wake up at 7:50a.m. for an 8:00a.m. class. They do not get to be done with classes by 4:00p.m. These workers are up before the sun, and are supplying us with food until midnight every single day. It is important for us to do everything we can to make their jobs easier because being mad at an employee who can not change what happens does not help anyone. Most of the time, employees there have had very long and difficult days and would love for you to smile and say “hi”. 

 I have to admit, there are days where I am rushing up to Lowry to fill my to-gobox and leave quickly. On those days, it’s hard for me to remember that everyone is doing their best with a difficult scenario. The stairs are burdensome, the long line at Basics makes me impatient and the food options make it difficult for me to find a healthy meal. The lack of vegetarian options frustrates me enough not to smile and greet them. I often forget to thank the workers behind the food lines for their hard work. 

 Do you remember when you were little and an adult would ask you, “What’s the magic word?” To this day, please and thank you are still magical words. I don’t mean that they are going to fix the food situation at Wooster, but saying them makes everyone feel appreciated. The employees preparing your dinner are people too. They have days that are stressful and long, just like we all do. There is no reason to treat them as if they are not there. 

 Sometimes, talking to the person making my scrambled eggs or preparing my veggie burger completely turns my day around. The people that work at Lowry are some of the kindest and most selfless people I have ever met. They spend their days making sure we are taken care of and fed the same way they would care for and feed their own families. Even though they have a million and ten things to do at once, they do their best to improve the Lowry situation for our benefit. After all, they’re eating the food they prepare as well. 

 I promise you that saying “thank you” to the person refilling the chipotle mayo will not harm you in any way, but it might turn their day around. I completely understand why we are fighting for the food situation to change, but the person that is serving breadsticks would really love it if you would say “please” before asking for 50 of them.