A Reflection on Halloween’s Covers

Colin Schrein

Contributing Writer


This past Saturday night, Oct. 30, packed into the beloved Underground (UG) were sweaty, costume-clad students all joining together for this month’s Covers show. Covers is a monthly event organized by the Goliard Literary Magazine where students can sign up to play songs centered around the monthly theme. This month was October, meaning there could only be one theme: Halloween. For this month’s show students pulled out some deep cuts to fit the spooky theme. Songs ranging from classic tunes like the “Ghostbusters” theme song to drony Pink Floyd soundscapes and the ever-classic “Scooby-Doo” theme could be heard throughout the night. Groups also utilized a wide range of instruments, even incorporating violin and various saxophones into their pieces, making for a sonically unique lineup.

Covers is often a great experience for Wooster students, both for performers and audience members. Live music is a perfect way to release stress and enjoy the company of friends, and this month’s show was no exception. Participation was much improved from the last show, with almost 20 songs performed in comparison to last month’s 11. I loved seeing more people get up on stage and give it their all, regardless of their musical experience or prowess. Covers is an event about having fun and watching bands perform, so it was great to see some new faces up on stage (although with heavy makeup and costumes it could be hard to know who was actually playing).

Wooster’s costume game was on point on Saturday night, adding to the spooky nature of the show. Among student favorites were the Bishop, Lightning McQueen and various iterations of Machine Gun Kelly. Dressed for the occasion, students came with high spirits, a thirst for beer and infectious energy which ramped up the crowd and performers alike.

I would like to thank all of those who attended the show and performed, as well as the Underground employees who kept us hydrated while we danced away in the crowded basement. I would also like to extend a thanks to those who provided equipment for general use at the show. Not everyone is fortunate enough to own their own amplifiers or instruments so it was wonderful to see the generosity of our Wooster musicians in providing equipment for each other to use.

Saturday’s Halloween Covers show was a huge success and showed the effects that live music can have on people. Whether you came for the social interaction or the music itself, I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the show as much as I did up on stage. Stay tuned for next month’s theme, as it will be announced in the coming weeks. I hope to see lots of groups performing again next month. Keep playing and remember to come early!