The Science Byte: How to be a Storm Chaser

Kayla Bertholf

S&E Editor


After the tornado warning last week, you may be wondering how to become a storm chaser. First become a meteorologist! Although most do storm chasing as a hobby, meteorologists can get paid by a laboratory or university to chase storms for research purposes and can get paid up to $70,000 a year. The only requirement seems to be a knowledge of weather and access to vehicles. Storm Chasers follow the development of cumulonimbus clouds as they develop into tornados. As exhilarating as it sounds to be a storm chaser, there are dangers associated with the job. Although one might think the dangers would be the lightning or extreme weather associated with the storms, most work-related injuries or deaths for storm chasers occur as a result of driving accidents. Want to make some quick cash as a storm chaser? Sell the tornado videos you take to television stations for a minimum of 500 dollars, and more after you become more experienced. You can also do this as a hobby on your own and make around $17,000 a year. Sounds like a good hobby to me!