Bingeable TV Recommendations For Your Exam Season

Mahi Lal

Contributing Writer


One of my professors once told me to turn procrastination into planning, but I think we should turn procrastination into binge-watching shows because fall is upon us! While we watch the deadlines of a million assignments, exams, and projects swiftly pass by, why don’t we at least make it fun with Moira’s wigs, Lorelai’s ’90s fashion, and Winston’s pranks?

Shows that you have to watch (or re-watch) this season are “Gilmore Girls,” “New Girl,” and “Schitt’s Creek.” They are comfort food for the eyes. They appeal to all kinds of binge-watchers: those who want quality content, those who want something cheerful to play in the background while they do IS or rest in hammocks, those who are hopeless romantics, and those who simply want to snuggle in bed.

All coffee lovers are familiar with Lorelai’s raw humor and ability to make anyone fall in love with her. Who can’t relate to her wanting Luke’s coffee in an IV while waiting in Knowlton’s long lines? While Lorelai breaks stereotypes about single motherhood, Rory is someone we aspired to be when we were applying to colleges. Stars Hollow is that fantasy where people know no boundaries but provide solidarity for pet deaths and a home to a young, pregnant, 16-year-old Lorelai. A dose of “Gilmore Girls” can cure loneliness and you will find yourself humming the theme song everywhere!  

Set on the West Coast, “New Girl” navigates the journey of Jess, a quirky and passionate schoolteacher living with three men — Nick, Schmidt, and Winston — after her break-up with a longtime boyfriend. Although Jess is the protagonist, the show does a great job of centering different characters in its episodes. The show spotlights Schmidt, the successful but insecure best friend; Winston, the goofy and smart prankster; and Nick, the rock of the group who you will slowly but surely fall in love with. If you are looking for a sitcom with multiple seasons, low-stakes comedy, and of course, the growth of a broke, messy, bartender into a loving, caring, and sexy boyfriend, “New Girl” is your showstopper.

The Emmy-winning “Schitt’s Creek” needs no introduction. It has everything from good looks to an amazing cast to comedy, but its most prized possession (other than Dan Levy) is the growth of the characters from rich, apathetic snobs to emotionally competent individuals, and why wouldn’t it be? There is nothing like losing every ounce of luxury and moving to a dingy, rural town that makes one gain some perspective. What is beautiful about this show is its drama and trauma -free romantic storylines. The struggles are not glorified nor do they steal focus from the just-keep-swimming attitude while also acknowledging the pain and sadness of the characters. My favorite parts are the inside jokes and stories of Alexis, and if they make another season or do a reboot, it must be about how Alexis makes it in New York on her own.

Treading across different time periods, “Gilmore Girls”, “New Girl”, and “Schitt’s Creek” provide familiarity and hassle-free content. To know these characters for an episode is to know them for life. As I begin re-binge-watching these shows, I encourage all of you to find your own comfort shows during an in-person semester amidst a pandemic.