New Art Exhibit Opens at the College of Wooster

Haley Huett

Arts and Entertainment

Have you ever wondered what Wooster’s mummy really looks like? Are you curious about the face underneath the wrap?

The Ebert Art Center opened its new exhibit, About Face this week. The pieces explore the ways artists depict the human face, which is especially relevant after months of hiding them. The College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM) features artwork from Ebert’s permanent art collection, including works on loan by William Thomas Paul and CT scans reconstructing the face of the Wooster Mummy. 

About Face opened Monday, Sept. 7th and runs through the fall. Ebert Art Center is free and open to students and the public. CWAM is open Tuesday through Sunday while the college is in session. You can visit the mummy and the many other works from 11am to 4pm Tuesday through Friday and 1pm through 4pm on weekends. 

Visit About Face at Ebert Art Center, located across from Kauke in the Oak Grove, to explore our understanding and experience of the human face.