One hundred (fifty) and one succulents for Saturday

Ellen McAllister

Contributing Writer

Maggie Dougherty

Editor in Chief


Succulent Saturday: an evening of fun, friends and plants. To commemorate the first day of spring, this Saturday, March 20, Wooster Activities Crew (W.A.C.) will be hosting Succulent Saturday, an event where students will be given the opportunity to decorate a clay pot and then plant a succulent of their choosing. There will be two stations, painting in the G-rooms and potting in the Alley, which is designed to allow for safe social distancing practices. Planned by the new members of the W.A.C. team, this event was good practice in terms of leadership, advertising and teamwork. W.A.C. wanted to host an in-person event, since so many aspects of campus have been online this semester to attempt to give the feeling of a normal college year. W.A.C. members hope that Succulent Saturday will be a great success and let students creatively express themselves while bringing a little green into their lives. 

W.A.C. ordered 150 succulents in anticipation of high demand at the event. Interested on-campus students can sign up in advance for time slots every half hour between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., while spots last. After 10 p.m., if there are still succulents left, students can come participate on a first-come, first-served basis. However, many students have expressed excitement over the event. Rachel Osterhouse ’22 exclaimed, “I am so excited for Succulent Saturday! I have all my plants in my room and I can’t wait to add another one to the collection!” Mekdes Shiferaw ’23 pondered the event hopefully, stating, “succulents might be the only kind of plant that I can manage not to kill.”

Some students expressed how, in the absence of other breaks or opportunities to relax this semester, an event such as this one is a welcome chance to unwind and destress. “While we have little to look forward to without a spring break,” said Mahi Lal ’22, “I am so excited about Succulent Saturday and can’t wait to do this with my best friends. I’ve only recently started keeping plants in my room and can’t wait to add to the set!” Megan Fisher ’21 added, “As a plant lover, I’m excited for Succulent Saturday!” Christine Slater ’21 succinctly summed up the students’ sentiments, stating definitively, “succulents are plant-tastic.”