C.O.W. swimming & diving dominate the Tigers

Minh Phan

Contributing Writer


The College of Wooster swimming and diving team came out on top against Wittenberg University with an overall result of 161-40 men and 148-43 women this past Saturday, Feb. 13. The Scots dominated all but four events: men’s 200 yard free, women’s 1 meter diving (unopposed), men’s 200 yard butterfly and women’s 3 meter diving (unopposed).

The women started off strong with a 400-yard medley relay in 4:16.09. The line-up included Hannah Langer ’22, Anne Bowers ’22, Molly Likins ’23 and Lexi Riley-Dipaolo ’22. 

In the 50 free, Likins (26.43), Bowers (26.71) and Langer (26.91) finished in first, second and third, respectively. Langer once again won in the 200 backstroke (2:18.14).

Event five for the women’s 200 yard free was concluded by Emma Connors ’24, Madison Whitman ’21 and Mia Chen ’23, who came in first, second and fourth, respectively. Connors won first place by a close second, as well as in the 500 free (5:28.32 to 5:31.87).

Kay Wetmore ’23 won the 1000 yard free event with 11:21.61 and the 200 fly in 2:23.23. Connors won  the 200 and 500 free, which were both close races. This, in addition to first-year Maddie Becker’s 400 IM win (5:00.10) and two additional wins in the 100 free and 200 breast, contributed to the sequential success of the first-year swimmers.

Riley-DiPaolo, Likins, Wetmore and Chen closed with 4:00.20, an unopposed victory for the 400 free relay.

We also witnessed a strong performance by the men’s division; the 400 medley relay with line-up A including Josh Gluck ’21, Craig Klumpp ’21, Garrett Morris ’24 and Josh Pearson ’24 won with 3:52.42. Another four consisting of Lyonel Fritsch ’24, Noah Golovan ’23, Eli Harvey ’24 and Noah Fox ’23 captured the final win in the 400 free relay.

Klumpp also brought Scots top honors in the 1000 free and the 200 breast. Gluck won the 200 back in 2:02.74, while Pearson won the 400 IM in 4:21.74 and the 500 free in 4:56.41.

In addition to the 100 free (53.79), Fox won the 50 free, outperforming Wittenberg’s second place by .08 seconds.

In diving, Eric Jacques ’22 won unopposed in both the 1-meter and 3-meter.

As athletes of the incoming class who experienced a tremendous shift in activity format, Harvey and Becker fully enjoyed the event and credited much effort to both college athletic departments. “I am very thankful to the coaching staff and to the Wittenberg swimmers for allowing such an event in [this] time,” Harvey said. “Everyone has been putting in the work since we have been back on campus and we are now starting to see the results in the pool!” Becker remarked positively.

On the other hand, Wetmore recalled the authenticity of a pre-COVID-19 meet. “It’s always a more exciting experience when there are people there cheering you on in person!” she said. “When we are just swimming against each other during virtual meets it can sometimes feel just like a normal practice.  Being able to have this meet with another team there allowed for all of us to become more excited about competing to really show up and swim fast.”

Both teams now have two wins in two meets on the season. They travel to Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday, Feb. 20.. The event will be streamed on Ohio Wesleyan’s website.