Faiyaz’s new EP is a testimony to pain and love

Kamal Morgan

Contributing Writer

I have yet to be disappointed by a Brent Faiyaz project, especially his new EP that dropped Feb. 7. “Fuck the World” is Faiyaz’s first project since his last EP, “Lost,” in 2018. “Lost” allowed his audience a look into his daily struggles of being a black man in the United States. He looks at black men’s portrayal in the media, self-reliance, loyalty, addiction and trust. Fai- yaz’s new EP continues with these ideas but concentrates on building a relationship with himself and others. He tries to be vulnerable with his love in- terests by tearing out his heart and exposing his insecurities, emotions and mental health.

The first track “Skyline” opens up with Faiyaz asking, “Do you know what makes this world go ‘round?” He is trying to figure out why things happen the way they do, do we have control of our lives and what do we hope to live for. Faiyaz is focusing on the energy we channel through us and how it affects everyone, not just ourselves. We must be willing to be aware of our actions because ignorance of our emotions will harm not only us but those who we cherish. He wants to have positive energy even in a loveless world because he has seen the despair in the face of men who could not deal with their emotions constructively and let it crush them.

“Clouded” and “Been Away” are painful reflections into his current mental state and having international fame. He imagines a world without him and how those around him will be affected by this loss. He parties, meets celebrities and lives his life to the fullest, but he always has an out-of-body experience where he questions if all of this is truly worth it as he sings, “Now I’m at the turn up, lookin’ lonely.” Will this fame and money have any true value if he still feels alone with his thoughts? Question- ing his value continues into “Been Away” where he wants a woman to wait for him while he is making money and im- proving his life. The chorus echoes his plea: “I’m just tryna get my paper straight, girl/ Don’t give my shit away” for the woman to not forget about him and their past and to wait for him to grow up.

This EP would be incomplete without stopping to em- brace the power self-love has within each person, which he explores in “Let Me Know.” Love has power that binds people together and trumps evil lurking in the shadows. It allows for people to believe in themselves and have trust in one another and most importantly provide intimacy. Faiyaz sings, “Could somebody else know you, if you don’t know you, you’re searchin.’” He is transparent and truthful because we can not rely on others to give us hope and assurance on ourselves. We must find that in our hearts, find the love that is buried in the dark and let it out for the world to see.

Faiyaz transitions from being a lost black man in America to accepting the good with the bad. He has embraced that life will bring its stumbles, but if he pushes forward with self- love in his heart then nothing can stop him in his journey to enlightenment.