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WOO91 continues to thrive on its online platform


Brian Luck

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“You’re listening to 90.9 FM, WCWS Wooster, WOO91, a public service station of the College of Wooster. Hey everyone, welcome back to…”

Reciting the station ID was the start and finish of every show for most of WOO91’s 50 DJs last year. After a certain point in the semester, however, they were unsure if they were still supposed to say it. 

WOO91’s FM license was officially sold after a long back-and-forth between the students and powers that be. Though students, faculty and community members emphasized the importance of the FM license as a matter of legitimacy and connection to the community, the costs of maintaining the equipment and license were deemed too great to continue.

“We switched to the online streaming before we got rid of our FM license,” said DJ Kate Joseph ’22. “This allows people who don’t live in Wooster to listen to the shows and connect with the College. Less people on and around campus owned or had access to an actual radio, and keeping the FM license was costing the college a lot of money, so they decided to switch to a strictly online streaming platform.”

Last semester, the radio’s student board hosted a funeral for their beloved station. The event featured performances from bands Rat Queen and Dehd, heartfelt goodbyes from past and present DJs and free t-shirts reading “RIP 90.9 FM.” Despite the death of WOO91 as an FM station, students and faculty will continue to broadcast on iHeartRadio. 

Neva Derewetzky ’20, one of the station’s co-general managers and music directors, emphasized the importance of students’ continued support as the station continues streaming.

“The students who are part of WOO91 care about it a lot and we are going to make sure we keep a presence on campus and online,” she said. “As long as there are students passionate about radio and about letting their voice be heard, there is a place for them at WOO91.”

Joseph appreciates the station for pushing her out of her comfort zone and for the fun she has while planning for and broadcasting her Broadway-themed show “Avenue Woo.” Student shows range from sports talk shows to music performed by Wooster students to late-night house party music.

“WOO91 is a place where you can play any kind of music and have almost any kind of show you want,” Derewetzky said. “Like many groups in Wooster, you can find people who love the same things as you and share the same weird interests. Being a part of WOO91 has been a highlight during my time at Wooster and I am glad I could have contributed to it in any way.”

To listen to the campus radio station, search WOO91 on iHeartRadio or visit the station’s Facebook page. Students interested in becoming DJs for the station should visit WOO91’s table at Scot Spirit Day or email for more details.

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