The Scene: Freshen up your phone with these apps

 As time progresses and Instagram and Snapchat get more annoying, I find myself attempting to find new ways to entertain myself. So, I have found myself enjoying three new apps lately, and I hope that maybe you can find some interest in them too. 

First, I have grown a new love for podcasts. So, folks, lately, I have not been into music. This is weird because it seems almost natural for me to listen to music during every part of the day. Recently, I have been burnt out and just tired of listening to the same five songs over and over again. I still need something to listen to though so I can casually ignore everyone when I’m in public. That is when I decided to try listening to podcasts. I first heard of podcasts during my night class last year (not a good idea by the way) when students suggested that it was a good way to create a show. At first, I did not get the concept at all. Why would I want to listen to other people tell stories when I could just watch them on TV? But I was so wrong. During my summer internship I found myself needing background noise to get through all my exhaustive busy-work that interns get. That is when my love for podcasts was born. I first started with “Black Girl Podcast,” which is a group of five women in New York just talking about popular topics and how they navigate through life. After a while, it felt like I was just listening to my friends talk, and I would even talk back or laugh extremely loud. Either way these podcasts helped me to gain a new perspective and stay up to date with what is going on in society. There are all types of podcasts, too: political, religious, therapy based and even ones that help you sleep (shout out to insomnia). 

Second, as a college student, I’m pretty broke most of the time, but I find this odd joy in window shopping. I also love thrifting, but Wooster is a little lacking in the thrift store department, so I’ve turned to online shopping, specifically Poshmark. Poshmark is basically an online consignment shop where you can buy discounted clothes, shoes, basically anything people are trying to sell. So, when I’m bored or avoiding my never-ending papers, I scroll through the shoes section to see what’s new and just favorite the ones that I like. Eventually, I might buy them, but for now I just admire the 20 pairs of shoes that I definitely cannot afford to buy all at once. 

Next is my new favorite app, Co-Star. Are you obsessed with the stars? Do you want to know why you are the way you are? Do you think that you know enough about yourself? Well, if you know your birth date and time, Co-Star can help you figure out all these answers. Co-Star is a mobile horoscope app that tells you your entire birth chart and gives you daily horoscopes with what parts of life you have power, pressure and trouble in. I’m not 100 percent obsessed with the stars, but I do enjoy a little foresight occasionally. Sometimes the predictions are spot on, too. You can even add friends and see who you’re compatible with (or who you really should be staying away from). So, if you really want an app to read you for what you are, head on over to Co-Star. 

If you get tired of posting selfies all the time and want to expand your app knowledge, now you have something new to try.

Korri Palmer, a Contributing Writer for the Voice, can be reached for comment at