Elena Morey

A&E Editor

On Saturday, April 27, Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) held their yearly Springfest musical extravaganza featuring student openers DJ SP, Hot Water Street and MoonManFlo as well as visiting performers Overcoats, Giraffage and Saba.

As the rain poured down, a few brave and loyal students gathered at the bottom of the stage.  We huddled under umbrellas or in our thick coats while we waited for the music to begin.  The student openers took to the stage and students leaned in closer and gave the music their full attention.  Before the outside artists, the crowd got smaller and smaller after the student openers finished.  The location outside McGaw Chapel was surprisingly the planned rain location for this year, and the poor weather hindered the potential for a successful crowd.

Students in winter garb stuck it out to support their fellow students.  The weather raged on, but so did the performers.  Member of student opener Hot Water Street, Gabe Melmed ’21 admited that he “spent a lot of time on stage worrying about being electrocuted [due to the rain].”

“Honestly, the weather downplayed everything [for] the students … but it was still good.  The performances brought it to life,” said BJ Gunnings ’21 as he huddled under my umbrella.  “If [there could] have [been] alternative inside places to do Springrest when weather is bad [it would have really improved things].”

The rain sprinkled on and off, but most students enjoyed themselves.  “Springfest is so much fun!  I love the energy the student openers bring every year despite the guarantee of rain.  Bringing student bands to a bigger venue is such an awesome way to showcase the talent we have on campus, and the school always brings great artists too,” said attendee Sophie Hawkins ’19.  She also admitted that the rain affected the turnout but everyone did the best they could to enjoy themselves.

As people began to stop worrying about the rain, the music truly became the focus.  A strong unique mix of styles, as well as original music, captured the small gathering of students to share the moments.  As the light faded, the performers were beautifully back-lit, which enhanced the overall experience.  The bass boomed and as one got closer to the stage and performers, you could feel your heart literally vibrating.

An even bigger crowd gathered once the main acts came on after the student openers.  Many students were most excited about Saba, a rapper who gained fame for his collaborations  with Chance the Rapper, but became bigger after releasing his critically acclaimed album “Care for Me.”

“Saba’s concert was honestly one of the better concerts I’ve been to,” said Harry Dunham ’20. “The rain seemed to discourage some people from coming, but that ended up giving the concert an intimate atmosphere. This also seemed to allow Saba to interact with and connect with the crowd in a fun and interesting way, since he ended up talking with the crowd throughout the concert.”

Collier Summay ’19 echoed this claim. “Saba was so great at keeping the crowd pumped up despite the weather.  It was a tough day to perform, and you could tell he still actually wanted to be there and give us a good show,” Summay said.  

Springfest is a great way for students to experience student bands as well as broaden your musical taste with the artists brought in by WAC.  The crowd is also another place to meet new people and get more in touch with the student body.  It is quite the experience, and I would suggest any first-years or those who have not attended a Springfest to give it a shot.  There might be rain, there will be some getting used to the bass, but overall the experience is worthwhile and really makes you feel connected to the student body.


(Photo by Jake Lautman)