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Unity is necessary for Greek Life

When you hear the words “Greek Life,” it is easy to jump right to the stereotypes that are associated with national fraternities or sororities, or to picture the things that are portrayed in movies. However, here at Wooster, Greek Life is far from that. As local chapters, each group is able to make their own rules and govern themselves without being held back or controlled by national standards or alumni. Through the semester-long rush process that is implemented here at The College of Wooster, students are able to make friends with others who are rushing alongside of them, as well as with students from several different groups. It allows for a multitude of friendships to be made regardless of what group you may end up with.

 It also provides many students who decide to join with a tight-knit support system within the group they choose, as well as the Greek community as a whole. Speaking from personal experience, I have found a home in my group and people I can always turn to. But this year I realized that as a member of the Wooster Greek system, I have much more than that. 

As president of Zeta Phi Gamma this year, I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Inter-Greek Council and work with other Greek leaders here on campus. Through this experience I have learned that while we are 12 individual groups, we are still one community. We want to see other groups succeed. We want to better each other and ourselves. We choose to stand together when the time is necessary, knowing that when we join together we can make a bigger difference. 

The purpose of the Wooster Greek Life system is to contribute to helping both the community here on campus as well as the city of Wooster and surrounding communities. Service is an essential aspect of being involved in Greek Life. Active members participate in programs such as “Rake-A-Difference,” “A Night to Shine” or other individual opportunities such as walking dogs at the humane society or collaborating with other groups on campus to hold events and work toward fundraising to spread awareness for a specific cause. While service is something each group participates in according to their own standards, we are currently trying to create more collective events to be more impactful in this community. Through the Inter-Greek Council, service chairs from each sorority and fraternity are working together to create one big service event hosted by all of Greek Life. It is no secret that more can be accomplished with greater numbers. We feel that by uniting all groups, we can all make something great happen together. 

As members of The College of Wooster Greek community, we should continue working together toward one common goal. We should try harder to test and break those stereotypes that often bring us down. As a whole, we want to show people all of the positives that come with being a member of Greek Life. Through continued efforts, I believe that the College Greek system can achieve something great. 

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