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“Chapo Trap House” keeps listeners thinking

Andy Kilbride

Staff Writer

If the 2016 election left you yearning for political solutions more radical and inspiring than the Democrats’ right-of-center wish-washing, then boy do I have the book for you. In fact, the “Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts and Reason” is everything it promises to be, and more, serving as an often-hilarious and riveting mission statement for a generation learning to survive the gallows humor of existence within a decaying capitalist society. 

The book, for those unfamiliar, is a collaborative effort from the left-wing comedy podcast “Chapo Trap House” and its hosts Will Menaker, Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, Virgil Texas, Chris Wade and the fan-favorite former producer Brendan James. It’s for this reason I can’t recommend listening to the audiobook enough: you get a better feel for the hosts’ various idiosyncrasies and personalities than you would by simply reading the text. 

Then, of course, you’d miss out on the equally funny mock-political cartoons penned by Eli Valey. So, as a friend of the podcast Megan McArdle says, there’s trade-offs to every decision. 

Throughout the “Guide to Revolution,” the hosts rant on the evils of American imperialism, the problems with having a political discourse limited to milquetoast liberalism and existentially-threatening conservatism, insufferable media pundits and the apocalyptic stakes of climate change.

All of these things are fun as hell to read about, but they don’t necessarily offer anything new for longtime fans. The run throughs of American history and international politics depict enough atrocities with enough content to radicalize just about anybody previously unaware of these topics, but the book’s sense of humor -— influenced by an unhealthy diet of leftist Twitter, “Tim & Eric,” “Metal Gear Solid” and “The Simpsons” — takes getting used to and those new to the podcast are better off getting acquainted with the show before delving into this manifesto. 

The world we live in is bleak, and the book reflects an increasing desire for radical, egalitarian solutions to existential problems. 

 Like the hosts/authors say, it’s socialism or barbarism, so buy the book. It’s good, folks.Just maybe familiarize yourself with “Chapo Trap House” first. 

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