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LaVar Ball has strong family values, but should let sons have spotlight

Basketball has always had family ties. Everywhere from fathers coaching their sons professionally to seeing siblings face off on two seperate teams, the NBA is full of family connections, and one of the most notable ones is the Ball family, headed by outspoken father LaVar Ball.

LaVar has been the main supporter behind his three sons’ basketball successes. His oldest, Lonzo, was drafted with the second pick of the 2017 NBA draft and is having a solid rookie campaign thus far. LaVar also spearheaded the decision to remove LiAngelo and LaMelo from UCLA and Chino Hills High School, respectively, and sign them to contract with a team from the Lithuanian Basketball League. Many of LaVar’s moves highlighted in the media catch people by surprise, but they are all tied to one goal: making sure he takes care of his family.

The media has been a large tool in how LaVar built his three sons into celebrities at less than 20 years old. He has been able to capitalize on his own family business, Big Baller Brand, and charge almost $500 for a pair of basketball sneakers. He was also able to push Lonzo into a spot on the Lakers team, with the goal of having all three of his sons playing together in the NBA in the near future.

While taking care of his family and personal gain, LaVar has also bothered many people in the process. He has made comments about LeBron James as a player while taking shots at his family in the process. He has also spoken in interviews on his disagreements with Coach Luke Walton, mentioning how players don’t like playing for him. He has even made comments about iconic Philadelphia 76ers center Joel “The Process” Embiid. LaVar enjoys being the center of attention when it benefits his personal brand, but the NBA fan base is getting a bit annoyed.

Personally, I love what LaVar does for his family. I definitely value how LaVar treats his family and wants the best for them. His support is unmatched and he utilizes the media in creative ways to get his messages across. Although he is an interesting figure, I feel that he should be a bit more reserved. Many parents not only support their children but support others and go unnoticed. Especially in basketball, a family member’s actions can have an indirect effect on other teammates, front office personnel, and even a team’s fanbase.

All I want to see is for LaVar to remove himself from the spotlight and let his sons do what they do bestplay basketball. LaVar needs to be mindful of the weight of his actions. His goals are fantastic, but the way he executes them could be a bit better. I’m confident in LaVar moving forward. Although his delivery might change, he does value one of the most valuable things in life: family.

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