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SGA to launch new radio show on Woo 91

Zoe Covey
Contributing Writer

This Saturday, October 28, the Student Government Association (SGA) hopes to launch its new weekly radio show on Woo 91. Aiming to forge a stronger relationship between the student body and SGA, the show will be taking live questions from students as well as occasionally bringing on special guests. The hope is that students will take advantage of the opportunity to communicate directly with SGA through calls and express their thoughts on what is happening on campus.

“Just like you talk about what could change [in] school, we want the students to [be] open about anything (even small things) to us so that we can improve those parts!” said Rie Matsuzaki ’19.

Each week the new show will update students about the activities of SGA and will cycle through a variety of hosts, placing Matsuzaki, Kenyon Moriarty ’19, Jerry Altemar ’18, Ishmam Khan ’19, Armel Lee ’19, Isaac Weiss ’20 and Nabil Osborn ’20 in the spotlight. The hosting lineup is comprised mostly of members of the SGA board who do public relations (PR).

“This year, PR of SGA is hoping to be active. Starting a radio show is just one of our adventurous choices for us to interact with the students! We hope to effectively promote our show on Facebook, hopefully on PODS too,” said Matsuzaki.

According to Matsuzaki, SGA’s PR team is working hard to spread the word because this year they hope to educate the student body about what exactly SGA does here at the college.

“We are hoping to fill in the gap we have between SGA and the student body: what we do, who we are,” said Matsuzaki.

The concern that SGA is not being heard will hopefully be lessening now that they are spreading their message and information onto new platforms like Woo 91. By using more diverse and, to some, more accessible methods of spreading information, this determined effort to reach out to the student body will make sure that it has access to the information put out by SGA.

Matsuzaki, who has already hosted a show on Woo 91, knew that a show for SGA would be a fun way to get the word out about things happening on campus. The College radio station may have a different demographic than those who work closely with SGA, which will open SGA up to a new group of students who may have previously been unaware of SGA’s work. Despite already having a show, which made adding another one simple, Matsuzaki is unsure what the impact of the new addition to SGA’s outreach will be.

“Honestly, I don’t know how many students listen to Woo 91. But if there’s an opportunity, why not try it out and see?” said Matsuzaki.

SGA plans on having a variety of hosts and guests on their show in the coming weeks.

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