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Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens” coming soon

Mary McLoughlin
Staff Writer

Neil Gaiman is a famed writer, with many great works such as “The Anansi Boys,” “Neverwhere” and “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” At some point or another, you’ve seen one of his many books on a shelf.

His works are increasingly coming to the small screen; a Starz TV series based on his “American Gods” was released last April to overwhelmingly enthusiastic audiences.

Now it seems another one of his works is being made into a TV show. On Sept. 18, Gaiman tweeted out a picture of actors David Tenant and Michael Sheen in costume as characters from another one of Neil Gaiman’s works, “Good Omens.”

Written at the start of his writing career with an equally stunning author, Terry Pratchett, “Good Omens” has long been a fan favorite.

Like most of Gaiman’s books, the cast of characters is composed of lovable weirdos who try to deal with increasingly strange and frustrating situations. The subtitle of the book reads, “The Nice And Accurate Prophecies Of Agnus Nutter, Witch.”

A simple description of the book is that an angel and demon try to halt Armageddon, further complicated by a witch, a witch hunter and the fact that “somebody has misplaced the anti-Christ.”

I read it in the span of two days, and it became one of my favorite books immediately.

The book is great, and I cannot wait to see the new series coming up, though it may be awhile. Speculation puts the release date at 2019 with David Tennant as the demon and Michael Sheen as the angel. I have high hopes.

In any event, this new series is just one part of a continued period of success for Gaiman, who at this point is a world-renowned author.

In the last decade or so, he’s had considerable success with movie adaptations of his books “Stardust” and “Coraline.”

I cannot wait to see more of the strange, funny and disturbing world of Neil Gaiman.

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