The Goliard presents: Womyn in Arts and All Things Feminine

Desi LaPoole
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It’s March! Finally, springtime is right around the corner — as is my birthday (yes, please send me presents). March is also National Women’s Month, a month-long celebration of women’s accomplishments and contributions throughout history. This month is about discussing subjects such as the glass ceiling and women’s rights violations all under the big umbrella of feminism.

However, before diving into deep philosophical discussions on women’s issues, The Goliard, the College’s student run literary magazine, wants to start off on a lighter note. Tonight, at Common Grounds, The Goliard is kicking off National Women’s Month with their art show, Womyn in Art: A Place to Showcase All Things Feminine.

While femininity is viewed in both a positive and negative light, it is often subjected to ridicule and scrutiny in society. There are multiple perspectives and personal narratives regarding the very concept of femininity, and The Goliard wants to present them to the College community. Participants in the Womyn in Art show will present every form of art: poetry, prose, original music, physical art and anything else that highlights the ups, downs and awe-inspiring wonder characteristic of femininity. The Goliard’s head of public relations, Sharah Hutson ’20 said “The Womyn in Art show is meant to be a platform for femmes to showcase their art,” in an inclusive and inviting environment.

According to Hutson, while other events hosted by The Goliard, such as Covers, are a great way for people to show their talents, they usually aren’t very inclusive of all art and people, as they tend to attract more cis white men and women than anyone else. “I believe that a lot of the scenes here are dominated by white, cis[-gender] boys,” Hutson said. “So it’s really nice to have a place for people who might not feel welcomed in those spaces.”

Womyn of Art is not only a show for femininity, it also strives at creating an inclusive and inviting space for everyone to show their work, and contribute to creating a more diverse art scene at the college. It’s no secret that art is a form of expression; the artist conveys their truths through canvas, words or song. Art is also meant to be shared, and for those on campus who might not know of the avenues or may feel as if the spaces available simply aren’t for them, The Goliard hopes to open the door to them tonight with their show.

Hutson is most excited to see new faces at the show tonight. They said, “I hope that a lot of femme people who don’t come to Covers or might not feel comfortable at Covers find this as a very inclusive space to share their artwork.”

I advise everyone to start off Women’s Month on the right foot and head to Common Grounds tonight. We all hope to see lots of new faces at the show, as well as great works of art not yet seen by the College community. This is a great opprtunity for anyone to learn more about the impact femininity has played in modern art.

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