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Wooster themed Instagram accounts become niche trend

Sally Kershner
Features Editor

As a liberal arts institution, sometimes Wooster can get a little carried away with emphasizing “arts” in that title. That’s not to say that Wooster students don’t care for math and natural sciences, but with the influx of College of Wooster-themed Instagram accounts, the student body obviously is leaning towards creative outlets. With the increasing number of followers per account, it seems that Wooster students are enthusiastically enjoying these public inside jokes about the College. Gaining the most followers these days are notable Instagram accounts @woostertrash, @daddiesofwooster, @woonannerz and @cstoresamplers.

Since Lowry notably lacks seasonal fruit they claim to put out on the dining menu, Wooster students have become accustomed to eating either pineapple or bananas any day of week. More often than not, students are always running around trying to get something done and need a quick healthy snack, and bananas are a popular choice for students to grab while on the go. Instagram account @woonannerz has perfectly captured the essence of Lowry’s lack of mobile snacks and student’s forced affinity for the phallic fruit. This account posts candid shots of varied Wooster students in the processing of eating said fruit, all posts are thanks to anonymous submissions. Direct Message @woonannerz if you happen to snap an aesthetically pleasing banana-eating scene.

Instagram account @cstoresamplers offers a more unique approach to niche Wooster cuisine. This account presents couture and highly aesthetic photos of items bought at MacLeods (C Store) paired with a review of the purchased items below in the description. From fruity sparkling water to sandwiches purely composed of processed meat and cheese, @cstoresamplers sample the unique foods at the C Store so that you don’t have to — flex is precious. In case you’re weary of the quality of these items, do not fear: the account graciously scores each purchase on a rating systems of “Boltons” out of 10, as homage to The College of Wooster’s President Sarah Bolton. Students can rely on @cstoresamplers ability to debunk the myths of strange C Store foods and deconstruct its contents. The Wooster Voice gives this instagram 10/10 Boltons.

If your social media appetite is not quelled by the food-themed Instagrams, look no further than eye candy account @daddiesofwooster. The username says it all — this Instagram account features male students that others submit believing to be the “Daddy” of the sport they play or organization they belong to on campus. From basketball to hockey to general hotties, @daddiesofwooster allows students of all sexual interests to get to know a little bit more about the Daddies of Wooster — even complete with general information, just like Pokemon cards! Chocolate and sweets cause cavities, so satisfy your sweet tooth by gazing over this diverse group of Daddies. Who’s your Daddy?

Creating a public account that exploits these male students may be trashy, but if you’re all about it, Instagram account @woostertrash posts literally just that — trash. Frequently back dropped against the grassy knolls of campus, students submit photos of trash they find on the ground. This account often features emptied and crumpled Pabst Blue Ribbon cans — more proof in case you weren’t sure you attended a liberal arts college — but one can find aesthetic photos of condoms, crumpled love notes, muddied packs of cigarettes and unopened jars of salsa. Hopefully those featured items are not all from one night, but it is possible. If the administration can casually suspend five prominent Greek groups on campus, anything is possible at a night here at Wooster.

All Instagram accounts are public, so all students are encouraged to keep up with these shenanigans.

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