A sneak peek of Springfest 2017 at Bonnawoo

Desi LaPoole
Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that we are surrounded by many creative and talented people here at Wooster. There are so many poets, dancers, painters and, of course, musicians. Student artists explore many genres of music, from rap to EDM, and put time and effort into creating songs for us to enjoy. However, outside of organized groups such as the bluegrass band, our artists don’t have many opportunity to perform their work on campus.

Bonnawoo is here to change that. Created by WAC two years ago to help search for student openers for Springfest, Bonnawoo serves as another way for student artists to perform their music.

Covers, hosted by the Goliard, is a musical event featuring student musicians and bands who cover songs to fit a theme. Like Bonnawoo, Covers provides a venue for student musicians to perform together and in front of a crowd. However, as Covers was the only organized event that allows students to perform for the College, WAC believed there should be another opportunity.

Bonnawoo director Emily Partika `19 said, “Covers is such a well-attended event, but it’s really the only way less organized groups of people — as opposed to blue grass or acapella — can perform together in front of other students.”

What sets Bonnawoo apart from Covers is that it encourages artists to play their original music instead of cover songs for a specified theme. As an artist, it can be difficult to get your work to the outside community; Bonnawoo is a great opportunity to reach new audiences and gain experience performing in front of groups of people.

Bonnawoo invites all musicians, from bands to solo artists to DJs to share their music with the College community. Since Bonnawoo was on hiatus last year, WAC only hosted Party on the Green. WAC is excited to see Bonnawoo back this year and to open up a great opportunity for both student fans and artists alike.

“Look forward to the diverse acts,” Partika said. “This year ranges from bands to solo artists to DJs, and all the artists are eager to perform so we’re really expecting everyone to have something awesome to share.”

This year’s lineup includes Shades of Gold, Ben Jenkins, Nate Harling & Friends and Gabe Dale-Gau. Artists also have a shot at being an opener for this year’s Springfest. Each artist and band will have a 15 to 20 minute set prepared that the WAC directors will be evaluating as they perform tonight. According to Partika, a major deciding factor in the artists’ evaluations is the audience’s reaction to the performance. Thus, tonight go out to Bonnawoo to support our student artists. They created this music for us; it’s time for us to listen.

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