Letter to the Editors

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in response to last week’s article outlining the pro-life vs. pro-choice debacle on campus. Primarily, I wanted to comment on a statement made by Ms. Christo of the k(NO)w organization.

In her statement, Ms. Christo expressed concern that the pro-life messages displayed by the Wooster Scots for Life could possibly be seen as offensive to those on campus who have personally been affected by abortion. While I am not affiliated with the Wooster Scots for Life, I would hope that this was not their intent. In my past interactions with various pro-life groups, many, though admittedly not all, go above and beyond to reach out to the mothers and even the fathers (who are often the forgotten victim) to provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support in the time following an abortion. I know that the Gabriel Project, a group active within the city of Wooster, is available to serve any College of Wooster student in that very way.

I also wished to comment on your statement that college students across the country are overwhelmingly pro-choice. According to a 2011 poll by the Gallup Organization, 51 percent of the 18-34 year old age group did identify themselves as pro-choice. What I find interesting, however, is in that same age group, 59 percent felt that abortion should be illegal.

To me this points toward the growing trend across all age groups to return to a more pro-life stance within our country. A fact that is illustrated when we realize that only 38 percent of those surveyed in 2011 found abortion morally acceptable.

Finally, I would like to challenge the Wooster Scots for Life to expand their message on campus outside of just the abortion issue. In my mind, to be truly pro-life, one must also take opposing views on issues such as the death penalty, war and euthanasia. The pro-life movement spends so much energy on the abortion issue that we often neglect to defend the lives of those past the age of infancy.


Nate Addington

Catholic Campus Minister for the College of Wooster