Moizuk departs for Case, graduate school


Eric Moizuk

I’m the class of 2014, but I was lucky enough to successfully apply to the 3-2 social work program Wooster has with Case Western Reserve. So while I am not a senior, I will be going to grad school in Cleveland this fall. As such, having to reflect on my experience at Wooster after having only spent three years here feels unreal. It seems like yesterday I was moving into Bissman as a freshman with the coolest RA ever, trying to understand what college was.

But there are a few things I think everyone should keep in mind as they go through not just college, but life in it’s entirety.

Do stupid things. Not like harmful stupid things, but things like holding a concert on your apartment’s roof based only on a friend’s suggestion that you should do so. Make memories with the people around you, because your best friend in the world right now is someone you met a few years ago, maybe even just a few months ago. Always make sure to keep in touch with these people, even if you don’t see them at all in ten years. They were an important part of your life and you should never forget where you came from.

And with that, remember that nothing is permanent. Everything changes, so go with the flow. Don’t fight change, embrace it and let yourself be changed. Looking back at yourself in 10 years, do you want to be the same person you are today? And don’t just let change happen, make it happen. Better yourself. You know what you hate about yourself and now is the chance to do something about it, because you’re in college and have all the time in the world. Do what you fucking want to do. Don’t let yourself get weighed down and be negative, enjoy every single part of life that you can because one day you just might wake up and have a year less of your life at a place which you love dearly, and is your home. Cherish every moment and memory you have here at Wooster, because it doesn’t last forever.

Going to Wooster, each and every one of us has so many great opportunities in life make sure you take advantage of those, and don’t let time pass you by too quickly.