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The scene : 11/16/12

Girl Meets World

Dominic Piacentini

There are some TV shows that just about everybody has seen (at least a few episodes anyway) — like “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother.” Not only is a series a conversation starter while it’s airing, but jokes and memories continue after the show ends. It was hilarious in “The Office” when Dwight trapped a bat in a bag over Meredith’s head and even funnier when several episodes later Michael hits her with his car. These moments are still funny even years later when shared among friends.

The same can be said about “Boy Meets World.” Anyone who grew up in the 90s knew this show either while it was originally airing or through the Disney reruns. Just the other day I gave my friend the advice, “Life’s tough. Get a helmet” and then wacked them on the forehead. There are many moments in the show that people might always remember as distinctly “Boy Meets World.” Eric’s shouts of “Feeeny! Fee-hee-hee-eny!” will always crack me up. As Corey, Topanga and Shawn ascended from middle school to high school to college, it felt like we grew up with them, even if they did get to skip a few years in between (I sure would have liked to graduate high school in two years).

The show also dealt with difficult parts of growing up. In the process it balanced a lot of comedy with some serious tragedy, and the stark contrast between the two made some moments, like the death of Shawn’s dad, seem even more relatable.

Disney is about to create an entirely new generation of “Boy Meets World” fans — or should I use the new title “Girl Meets World.” The awesome part is that this isn’t some weird spinoff series. “Girl Meets World” will be a sequel to the first series. Corey and Topanga are back, married with two children — a 13-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son.

As of right now, it is assumed that Ben Savage (Corey) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) will continue as the famously quirky couple. Other actors, like Lily Nicksay, who played Corey’s younger sister Morgan, and Anthony Tyler Quinn, the Harley-riding teacher Mr. Turner, have expressed interest in reprising their roles.

Odds are, with Savage and Fishel returning, fans of the 90s segment will get to see what their favorite characters grew up to be. The series certainly ended with some surprising turns (especially in regards to Shawn and Angela’s relationship). Corey will be returning to the series, not only as a father, but also a history teacher, a new Mr. Feeney of sorts.

An entirely new generation will grow up with an incredible show that reflects the conflicts and issues of growing up with comedy and reality. Meanwhile, the rest of us can check up on friends Corey, Topanga, Shawn, Eric and company, and relive some of those endearing moments.

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