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Chef Andrea Patton ’14 gets creative with this recipe for chicken and vegetables over rice.

She even gives us a side dish too!

Vegetarian alternative:

Follow the steps, but put everything in a bowl instead of on a plate, and replace the chicken/bacon with black beans.

Vegan alternative:

Follow the vegetarian steps, but don’t use butter or cheese.


Recipe of the Week: Chef Andrea


Fancy Chicken, with Garlicky Broccoli


1. First, take a bowl of broccoli (from the salad bar) to the Stir Fry station and ask them to cook it with garlic (no rice).

2. While those cook, put some diced onions and diced tomatoes in a bowl (make sure you get some of the tomato juice in there).

3. Put the bowl of onions and tomatoes in the microwave for two full minutes.

4. While they microwave, get a chicken breast from the Grille, and some brown rice from the soup station.

5. Put butter on the rice, then put the chicken on top.

Optional: Get bacon bits from the salad bar and put them on the chicken.

6. Retrieve your veggies from the microwave; put them on top of the chicken.

7. Get some cheese, put it on the chicken, then put the plate in the broiler next to the toaster, and turn the knob to two minutes.

8. When it’s done, get your broccoli and enjoy!


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