Sex scandal threatens to engulf Penn State

Ramsey Kincannon

News Editor

In what some have deemed the biggest scandal in modern sports, Penn State University has had to address the hidden pedophilic sexual abuse of Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator of revered coach Joe Paterno, has been accused of molesting as many as eight young boys in the early 2000s.

The Senior Vice President of Penn St., Gary Schultz, and the Athletic Director, Tim Curley, have been arrested ands charged with failing to alert police and “lying to the state grand jury that indicted Sandusky on charges of sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years” (Washington Post).

As many as eight mothers have come forward with additional rape accusations since 1998, when an official inquiry resulted in no criminal charges against Sandusky, who was a recent founder of the charity program, “The Second Mile,” which works extensively with children to help them get ahead in life.  The former defensive coordinator is also the father of several adopted children.

While the upcoming events may be “nearly impossible to predict,” (Tufts Daily) some consequences have started to unfold.  Joe Paterno, the head coach and winner of 409 games, along with two national championships, has reportedly been forced out of his position starting in the ’12-’13 year.  While the famous coach is not a target of the legal investigation, the fact that he merely alerted the Athletic Director, and not the police, paints a poor picture of the now-embattled head coach.

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