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Skelly named Player of the Week

Wooster defender George Skelly ’14 was named NCAC Player-of-the-Week in men’s soccer on Monday. Skelly scored the game-winning goal against Oberlin College on Saturday, giving the Scots their first NCAC victory in two years (


No teams attend Owens’ workout

Free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens participated in a televised workout on Tuesday in an attempt to show NFL teams that he is recovered from his ACL tear and subsequent surgery. No teams attended the workout. The 37-year-old, donning a shirt that said “I am” on the front and “ready” on the back, ran routes and caught passes (ESPN).


More games canceled

Two weeks after NBA commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of the league’s first two weeks of games, the New York Daily News reported that the league plans to cancel two more weeks as a result of the current lockout. Officials of the NBA Players Union were told that the players must commit to a 50-50 split of revenue before owners would agree to discuss the issue of the salary cap. Although the league could theoretically have a late-starting, shortened season, all signs point to the entire 2011-12 season being canceled as lockout negotiations continue to go nowhere (ESPN).

NCAA Football

West Virginia to join Big 12

West Virginia University was told on Tuesday that it will be accepted into the Big 12 conference, pending formal approval. It is believed that the University of Missouri will be leaving the conference for the SEC and that West Virginia will replace it. However, the acceptance of West Virginia does not depend on Missouri’s decision. West Virginia will be the fourth team to leave the Big East conference in recent memory. The University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University are moving to the ACC. Texas Christian University, which was supposed to join the Big East next fall, will instead join the Big 12 (ESPN).


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