Wooster in Kenya program proves rewarding

By Ellie Lawrence, Staff Writer

In my experience, the hardest part about returning from studying abroad is answering the question, “How was it?” You have to somehow encapsulate everything you’ve just experienced into a sentence. You could just say “great,” but usually, the person asking is looking for something a little more than that, but not enough to bore them. They don’t want a day-by-day account of your every move and emotion, but rather just something they can smile at and walk away with. So when people ask me how my study abroad experience in Kenya was, I just say, “Great! Exactly like ëThe Lion King!’ Go figure!” Continue reading Wooster in Kenya program proves rewarding

Lacrosse teams falter against tough conference opponents

The men’s lacrosse team (4-9, 1-3 NCAC) suffered two losses in a row last week, dropping games to both Wittenberg University (11-0, 4-0 NCAC) and Whittier College (4-6). Despite opening the game against No.13 Wittenberg with a closely contested first half, the Fighting Scots eventually fell to the Tigers 11-3. Joe Suliman ’11 led the Scots, scoring all of the team’s three goals. Continue reading Lacrosse teams falter against tough conference opponents

Obama collaborates with Facebook’s Zuckerberg

by Gina Christo, News Editor

Last week President Barack Obama visited the offices of the social networking website Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Obama held a town hall-style meeting with the staff of Facebook. Starting with an anecdote, Obama launched into a brief retelling of a dinner party he attended in February with the 26-year-old Zuckerberg and about a dozen other tech-industry elites. There, Zuckerberg sat to the president’s immediate right. Obama said, “I’m the guy who got Mark to wear a jacket and tie. Halfway through dinner, he’s starting to sweat a bit. It’s really uncomfortable for him. I helped him out of his jacket.” Continue reading Obama collaborates with Facebook’s Zuckerberg

LGBT Insight

By Sage Nenyue, Staff Writer

One thing seems abundantly clear to me: LGBT students need administrative support on campus.

While student-initiated groups are all well and good, at what point will LGBT students be able to depend on the administration to, for lack of a better phrase, have their backs?

According to the Scot’s Key, for example, while the College as an institution does not discriminate on the basis of a number of factors, including sexual orientation, there is no mention of gender identity and/or expression ó a sobering realization for transgender students. Continue reading LGBT Insight