Scots Make it to Finals

One more comeback. That’s all the Scots needed to take home a Division III men’s basketball championship for the first time in school history. Although Wooster’s 31 wins imply that it was a powerhouse throughout the season, the Scots were no strangers to finding themselves in a hole. Against Wittenberg University on Jan. 22, Wooster had a furious rally in the final nine minutes to erase an 11-point Tiger lead and win 65-58.

In the national semifinal against Williams College on Friday, the Scots were thoroughly dominated in the first half, entering the break down 42-28 after the Ephs hit seven three-pointers and shot over 65 percent from the field. Wooster, meanwhile, went one-for-six from beyond the arc, with the lone basket coming from a desperate heave by Bryan Wickliffe ’11 as the shot clock wound downóhis first attempt of the season.

The second half was a different story entirely. The Scots forced 10 of Williams’ 16 total turnovers, and Ian Franks ’11 scored 18 of his 24 total points in the half. The Ephs managed to go only seven-for-19 from the field, while their turnovers helped Wooster go 14-for-30. Continue reading Scots Make it to Finals

Two Hour Power Shower – Daft Punk is Playing at My Station

Stream the full episode here.

Think about it: A two-hour power shower. Do you know what it means? Neither do we, but we make it happen anyway. Every Thursday from 10 PM to midnight, Cougar (David Mallinson ’13) and DJ Bad News (Alexa Norris ’13) bring you the Two-Hour Power Shower. Each week’s show has a different theme, ranging from post-punk to body parts, and your hosts kill time with snark and commentary about music, life, and nothing that’s really important. Interested? Then tune into Woo 91: Wooster’s sound alternative.

“Glass Menagerie” soars with dramatic impact

With a subtle glow of light cast upon an abandoned apartment, the sound of a melancholy violin filled the atmosphere, signaling that emotional memories were buried underneath the covered furniture. The play’s narrator, Tom (Darius Dixson ’13), who returned home from military service, walked up the fire escape from the downtown streets through the orchestra pit to discover the deserted home.

When Tom introduced himself, spectators began to wonder how he was going to revive the life that once occupied space. However, once he touched a cover over a chair, he lifted it up gently and the cover gracefully floated away into the sky. I has realized at this moment that Tom was letting us into his memory to observe why the life force in the apartment had vanished. It was 1937, St. Louis, and the Great Depression was still affecting the working middle class. Tom had opened a time capsule to a painful period of the his life. Continue reading “Glass Menagerie” soars with dramatic impact

The Index captures college memories in progress

As we all know, The College of Wooster has many beloved traditions, both old and new.

Whether it is the grueling process of Independent Study, standing and clapping vigorously to “Scotland The Brave” or filling Kauke Arch with snow, our beloved college is a haven for history.

But who holds the key to preserving this history and our time here at our soon-to-be alma mater?

Enter the staff at The Index. We are proud to be the chroniclers of the College, day in and day out, year after year.

So, how do we preserve all of ourmemories of Wooster? We publish a yearbook, but it’s not like your high school yearbook. Continue reading The Index captures college memories in progress

TED Talks Sponsored by C4E

The C4E is presenting the 2011 TED talks from March 1 until March 4 via an official webstream. The presentations will be available to watch in the Center for Entrepreneurship,† Morgan 301. The presentations will cover topics across all majors at the college, including sociology, biology, neuroscience and philosophy.† This the second annual TED hosted by the College.