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A Robotic Future?

Last week on Jeopardy, Watson, the modern-day Deep Blue IBM computer designed to answer Alex Trebek’s questions, dominated his human contestants Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. At the end of the three-day run, Jennings said that he “welcomes our new computer overlords.”† While he was mostly kidding, is he really all that wrong?

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Dancing opens alleys of expression

By Katelynn Heugel, Staff Writer There are many health benefits of dancing. It keeps you in shape, and helps with flexibility and endurance. But what other benefits could come out of dancing? As an incoming first-year, I believed I had found my niche as a band kid, and that I had no other potential talents. […]

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Obama administration releases 2012 budget

President Barack Obama released the fiscal 2012 budget blueprint last week. The White House claims the budget includes one-third tax increases, two-thirds spending freezes and cuts to reduce $1 trillion in deficit over a decade. The new budget proposal predicts economic growth, plans to fix the problem with doctors’ payment in Medicare, suggests how highways […]

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Wooster Abroad – New Zealand

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Tennis starts off the season right

The men’s tennis team has given Wooster fans a lot to look forward to so far this season. It was important for the Scots to start the seaon off right this year after losing to Ohio Wesleyan University in the North Coast Athletic Conference consolation semifinals last year. With two victories against non-conference opponents already […]

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Study claims loneliness affects exercise

by Kris Fronzak, News Editor There has been much scrutiny recently regarding the correlation between human physical fitness and one’s social life. According to a study done with rats, the body’s capability to exercise may increase neurologically when the person is surrounded by others or generally being social. 

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