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Going Green @ Wooster

In order to make a conscious effort to eat sustainably while at the College here are some individual efforts that students can make:

-ó Decrease your food consumption.

ó Eat less meat. Supplement animal proteins with other natural proteins such as legumes, nuts, quinoa and other whole grains. As Jonathan Safron Foer mentions in his book “Eating Animals,” “nearly one-third of the land surface of the planet is dedicated to livestock.”

ó Eat brighter colored vegetables ó more nutrients. The lower you consume on the food chain ó plants, the more energy is saved.

ó Avoid fried or processed foods.† If your grandma wouldn’t recognize don’t eat it ó nacho cheese!

ó Learn more about where your food comes from.† It’s easier to learn where it comes from if it’s local.

If you’re leaving campusÖ eat sustainably:


ó South Market Bistro

ó City Square Steak House

ó Chipotle

Markets and Grocers

ó Wooster Natural Foods

ó Buehler’s

ó Wooster Farmer’s Market

ó Local Roots

óLocal Roots


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