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Florida Pastor to be billed $180,000

Pastor Terry Jones will be expecting a bill from the city of Gainesville, Florida of an estimated $180,000 for security costs surrounding his controversial threat to burn Korans on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to† The police spent over a month working on security plans to ensure the community surrounding […]

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Pedestrian bridge collapses in India

A pedestrian bridge under construction in preparation for next month’s Commonwealth Games collapsed in New Delhi on Tuesday, reported. Over 24 people were injured, three remain in critical condition.† The bridge was intended to be a pathway from the parking area to the stadium and was due to be completed this week for the […]

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Dance-based Zumba craze arrives in Wooster

The Latin American dance-based workout craze called Zumba has reached the College of Wooster.† In its inaugural year, students and faculty will now have the opportunity to take Zumba classes taught by Grace Lundergan ’11. The classes are held on Sundays in the Armington Physical Education Center, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. for students, […]

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Mohican Pow Wow provides entertainment

Last Saturday afternoon, a group of 30 Wooster students traveled about 30 miles southwest to the Mohican Valley near Loudonville, Ohio.† The bus followed Rt. 3 through the drying golden cornfields and huge grain silos, past the agronomics advertisements along endless fields of corn monocrops.

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Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editors of The Wooster Voice, Congratulations to President Grant Cornwell and his dedicated team of staff, faculty and students on making the vision of sustainable energy a reality† at the College of Wooster! Transforming the new Scot Center’s roof into a highly visible† solar array ó the largest on any Ohio college rooftop† ó […]

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Laws against marijuana harmful

When watching the premiere of HBO’s excellent new show, “Boardwalk Empire,” Martin Scorcese’s exploration of Atlantic City during prohibition, where booze flowed freely, I kept on getting this nagging feeling.† It wasn’t because the show felt like “The Sopranos” crossed with “Mad Men.”† It wasn’t the ridiculousness of the totally unnecessary sex scene (I swear, […]

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