Health care bill deepens political divisions

This past Tuesday marked a historic landmark for the Obama administration. The passage of health care reform has been a goal sought by presidents since Theodore Roosevelt, but has not become a reality until now.

President Obama, along with members of the House and Senate, has been struggling with efforts to produce a new health care reform bill that provides a wider range of choices of health care for all Americans without increasing the national debt. Continue reading Health care bill deepens political divisions


Klezmer band returns for campus concert

Tomorrow, the popular Cleveland-based klezmer band Yiddishe Cup will return to The College of Wooster for a concert from 9-11 p.m. in the Lowry Center ballroom. The performance is sponsored by Hillel, the Collegeís Jewish student organization and† funded by the schoolís Kornfeld Endowment. Wooster resident Ellen Pill and a member of the band will provide an hour of dance instruction prior to the event. Admission is free and open to the public.


Surrounding cities to face tax return fines

As of next month, residents of Orrville, Rittman and Wooster will be punishable by a $1,000 fine and/or incarceration for up to six months for failure to pay tax returns.† Failure to promptly send in tax returns will initially result in a notice from the city tax administrator, followed by a notice from the city law director if the first letter goes unanswered. The city of Woosterís Finance Director Andrei Dordea estimated 3,000 individuals failed to file their taxes last year, despite mandatory filing since 2006.


Company recalls defective baby slings

Infantino LCC has recalled 1 million baby sling products in the United States and 15,000 in Canada. The Consumer Product Safety Commission† (CPSC) warned that the slings hold babies in curled positions that restrict the airway. There have been a number of infant deaths in the last year because of this problem. Infantino is offering to replace slings with the consumerís choice of several different products. Currently, the CPSC is working on a mandatory safety standard for baby slings.

Elementary reading statistics disappoint

In a sampling of more than 178,000 fourth graders, the national report card for reading in 2009 resulted in an increase in only three states (Kentucky, Rhode Island and District of Columbia). However, four states saw decreases (Alaska, New Mexico, Iowa and Wyoming) in their fourth gradersí reading ability prompting Education Secretary Arne Duncan to say, ìTodayís results once again show that achievement of American students isnít growing fast enough.”


Striking employees lose travel benefits

British Airways carried out their threats against their currently on-strike employees to strip them of their travel perks.

Staff who joined the strike last week will now lose discounted and occassionally free airfare. This decision comes after last weeks identical threat to remove travel perks by British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh.

Regardless of the strike, British Airways has said that they will be able to run a full operation out of London Gatiwck and London City Airport this weekend because many employees will cross the picket line in the next several days.

Additional classes to be offered in cultural studies

Last year, faculty from the International Relations Department and the Cultural Area Studies Program researched methods of global and international education at other colleges and universities across the country with the goal of discovering ways to transform Woosterís curriculum. This school year, the Global and International Education Working Group, comprised of 25 faculty members from numerous disciplines, further discussed the way the curriculum could be developed to more aptly reflect current changes in the world and academic disciplines. Continue reading Additional classes to be offered in cultural studies