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Senior class learns etiquette behavior at yearly dinner

As seniors prepare to leave the Wooster bubble and embark on their journey in the real world, the last thing on their mind is the appropriate way to eat a bowl of soup. Although that may seem trivial, the value of learning proper etiquette could be the deciding factor for countless opportunities in their future.

Every year it is a time-honored tradition for the senior class to participate in the etiquette dinner hosted by the Wooster Inn. Supported by donations from alumni, this event kicks off every seniorís final semester and provides four different dates for students to potentially attend. Not only do students receive a delicious meal but, they will leave with the knowledge of proper etiquette.

ìThe etiquette dinner was more valuable to me than I expected. Besides the food and the etiquette, I was able to foresee myself properly dining with a potential employer,”† said Brittany Montgomery í10. Even though graduation is still four months away, the skills reinforced at the dinner can be used† in the job interviews, weddings and formal events for seniors after graduation.

Upon arrival, students are placed at tables, each led by an etiquette host. Each host offers advice and instruction on proper dining behavior. The meal consists of three courses and students do their best to learn and remember the specific behavior.

Sarah Palaygi í10 said, ìSome of the helpful dining hints were to follow the lead of the host as a signal for when to begin each course.† Also, if youíre unsure of which bread plate belongs to which setting youíre taught that the bread plate is always to the left and the water glass is to the right.”

During the dinner on Jan. 25, Senior Committee members Jeanne Simons í10† and Alex Jue í10 discussed the importance of the Wooster Fund and in particular, the Wooster Fund for the Class of 2010. This fund encourages students from the class of 2010 to help further support for the College through donations collected throughout the final semester. The fund is in its second year and last year received donations from 25 percent of the Class of 2009. This year, the committee is hoping to not only meet but exceed last yearís quota. For all those who contribute, there will be a picnic held at the end of the year hosted by President Grant Cornwell and his wife Peg.

Montgomery added, ìOur Senior Committee members, along with the alumni office, are doing a good job of raising awareness,” she said.

ìI think itís now up to our senior class to participate in one of our last events as a cohesive group. Everyone wants to be remembered for something ó why not this?” said Montgomery.

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