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Construction of new coffee shop in Lowry to begin soon

Lowry Center is set to undergo a major facelift over winter break, including the addition of a new convenience store.† The store, complete with coffee bar, will help increase the dining options that are currently available on campus.

ìThis exciting remodeling will bring a new look to the Lowry living room,” said Jackie Middleton, director of administrative and auxiliary services for the College.† ìThe new convenience store will provide students with the opportunity to purchase essentials in an updated location.”

Adorned with beige brick walls and red-tiled floors, Lowry Center has received little change since it was completed in 1969.† Its outdated looks have been the major reason for the project, attaining major support for replacement from the president of the College.

ìDr. Grant Cornwell has a vision for a more contemporary, social, interactive space,” said Middleton.† ìA place where students, visitors, faculty and staff can relax with a cup of coffee.”

The convenience store and coffee bar will be located behind the campus bookstore, replacing the office space that was once utilized by Student Activities and Off-Campus Studies.† The coffee bar will also feature a walk-up window that will open to the centerís main lounge.† Further design of the entire store remains in development, but, will be accented with wood trim and a ìmarquee style” faÁade.

The food items found one level below in Momís will be shelved in the new convenience store, complemented by an expanded selection of grocery items.† The store will also carry personal health and beauty products. The coffee bar will offer drip and espresso coffee drinks.

In response to the first floorís new additions, Momís will also undergo various changes.† Food items and espresso drinks will no longer be sold.† This will allow for improved access to cash registers, which will alleviate long lines and offer flexible seating options, which will better maximize space.

Amidst all the changes in hospitality, students have had the opportunity to express their opinions. Student Government Association and Campus Council have held several discussions on the project.† An open forum for the project was also held on Oct. 7.† ìI thought the conceptual design was very well received by students who attended the open student forum,” said Chuck Wagers, Director of Hospitality Services.

Hospitality Services recently had to cut back in its facilities.† Kittredge Dining Hall, the Collegeís ìno-fry” eatery, closed indefinitely over the summer due to cost constraints.

With a major dining option closed, many students see the new convenience store and coffee bar as a welcome addition to the campus.† ìI think that itís a good idea to have a coffee shop in addition to Momís,” said Jenna Silling, í11.ìJust because that will create another environment for studying or maybe that things will be a little bit calmer.”

Construction for the project will break on Nov. 30 and will be completed when students return from winter break in January.† ìI think there will be a very positive response to the entire project,” said Wagers, a major figurehead in the projectís planning.† ìThe new dÈcor and enhanced features should only make the space more usable and enjoyable.”

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