Keep your ears open

Last week I wrote an editorial weighing the pros and cons of all the new technology we are lucky enough to have. But let me just say: for all of their advanced forms of communication we have literally at our fingertips, we are sorely lacking in actually getting across important bits of information.

For instance, how many of you knew that a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and journalist from The New York Times came to speak on campus this past Tuesday? It was advertised through several venues, including a stand directly in front of Lowry Center, yet the only reason I knew about it was because Iím on the Voice staff. Otherwise I would have undoubtedly walked past the sign, oblivious.

The weird thing is that we do have many good means of communication here at the College. So youíd think we would be on top of everything that goes on here, but that really isnít the case. The wealth of information we receive is a curse as well. With our daily Wooster Headline News (WHN), The Pot, Listservs, The Voice, signs around campus, word of mouth Ö basically itís an overwhelming amount of information for us to take in. A lot of people say that, for instance, if the WHN was shorter they might actually read all of it. But we canít really afford to leave stuff off. So here we are, smashed between a rock and a hard place. Thereís tons of cool stuff out there to do (contrary to what some people insist), but no one to take it all in.

Because even the little things are actually pretty important sometimes. For instance, not many people know that our trash actually does not get sorted through for recyclables. Only the recycling gets sorted through. But most people think otherwise. I donít remember when we were told that, do you? Was it one of the many things put into the WHN that I never got around to reading?

One thing thatís really cool about Wooster that no one seems to know about is the reusable mug program. Think back to first-year orientation week. Remember those black coffee mugs they gave us that say ìThe College of Wooster” on the front? Iím fairly sure we were never told this upon receiving them, but if you bring that mug to Old Main or Lowry, you get your drink cheaper than if you had simply bought a regular drink with the paper cups. And the best part? One youíve finished that drink, you can bring the mug back dirty and trade it in for a fresh one. So not only are you saving treasured Flex Dollars, you also donít have to bother with washing out your mugs.

There are so many examples like this ó at peak lunch hours, thereís a second line in the back of Lowry where you can swipe in. Your general academic advisor is not your I.S. advisor as well. You can minor but not major in Education. Did you know all these things? Because I know when I found out it was quite a shocker. So keep an eye out and an ear open ó thereís a lot going on around campus that you may be unaware of.