Water should always be free at Momís

I love Momís Truck Stop.† I love it so much Iíve burned through 89 flex dollars in less than three weeks. However, their new policy on water is ridiculous.

Most restaurants will give you a glass of ice water for free, especially when you are already ordering food.† Here in the United States, itís a standard practice.† But downstairs at Lowry you either buy a bottle or you go thirsty.† And sometimes you donít even have that choice.

The other day I tried to buy a bottle of water and they were out. Yet they still refused to give or even sell me an empty cup so I could take it to the drinking fountain and fill it up myself. Apparently the common courtesy of providing free water is too expensive.

Students currently pay $43,900 dollars for tuition, room, and board.† Shouldnít something as basic as water be included?

This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, itís not healthy.† According to the Institute of Medicine, people should drink 9 to 13 cups of water a day.† Most students donít even come close to this, and having to spend $1.50 on a bottle of water isnít going to encourage them to start ó especially when the same price will get them a much tastier soda, coffee or energy drink. These alternative drinks always seem to be available. Not only are these options less healthful, but they actual dehydrate you.

Second, bottled water is incredibly bad for the environment.† Shipping it, packaging it and keeping it refrigerated leaves an enormous carbon footprint, and many environmentally conscious folks oppose it on principle.† For a school that prides itself on its green initiatives, forcing students to support this industry seems hypocritical to say the least.

Finally, itís no secret that many students visit Momís midway through a night of partaking in, shall we say, adult beverages. Keeping oneself hydrated is especially important when one has been drinking.† Kids are going to drink ó shouldnít we make it easy for them to do it as safely as possible?

Water is the oldest and best drink in the world. Letís keep it freely available.

Nathan Comstock is a regular contributor to the Voice. She can be reached for comment at NComstock10@wooster.edu.