New sculpture built near Kauke

Students walking on the south side of Kauke this year will be greeted by some new faces ó two, to be exact, plus a disembodied beard. ìOmnibus,” a new sculpture by Montana artist John Buck, was installed on the campus this July.

The sculpture, cast in bronze, depicts a globe adorned with a collection of iconic images ó a horse, a television and the Parthenon, to name but a few, not to mention the aforementioned facial hair. Continue reading New sculpture built near Kauke

Micheal Jacksonís Death: His Physician at Fault?

As the details surrounding Michael Jacksonís death continue to be pieced together one thing is becoming clearó whether he intended to or not, Jacksonís Doctor Conrad Murray played a part. The question is how big a part that was.

The search warrant affidavit unsealed in Houston, Texas on Aug. 24, quotes Los Angeles Police Department coroner, Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran saying, ìToxicology analysis shows Michael Jackson had lethal levels of Propofol in his blood.” Continue reading Micheal Jacksonís Death: His Physician at Fault?

Ohio Light Opera Provides Work for Students

The Ohio Light Opera holds performances on the College of Wooster campus during the summer months. The OLO is unique in that it both hires tech staff and casts performers who are still studying undergrad. This gave many Wooster students a new opportunity.

ìPace is the biggest difference,” said Charlene Gross, production coordinator and resident costume designer of the OLO and adjunct professor of costume design at The College. Gross also noted that the OLO ìfocuses on operetta and early lyrical musical theatre and is a professional company. This is a style that the Theatre and Dance Department may do once every four to six years.” Continue reading Ohio Light Opera Provides Work for Students

Menís team aims to score more often

Improving on last yearís 6-10-1 finish for the menís soccer team is simple in theory. Simply put, the team needs to score more.

The problems for the 2008 menís team werenít defensive. Despite having to throw Taylor Takacs í12 in at goalkeeper as a first-year, the team was able to keep its opponents off the scoreboard. Takacs prospered in the net, compiling a save percentage of .848 and allowing an average of just one goal per game. Takacs picked up some hardware for his efforts last season as he was named NCAC Newcomer of the Year and also was named second team All-NCAC. Continue reading Menís team aims to score more often