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BROCKHAMPTON’s trailblazing discography is prolific

Robert Dinkins
Viewpoints Editor

“Have you heard of BROCKHAMPTON?” was probably my most popular question during the months of August and September. For those familiar with my account, BROCKHAMPTON is my number one artist with 1,154 scrobbles at the time of this sentence. By the time this article is done, it will be even more.

BROCKHAMPTON is America’s newest boy band on the music scene. Founded in 2015 in San Marcos, Texas, between a group of friends on an online Kanye West forum. The group is now based in California where last month they were able to release over three studio albums comprised of 40 songs. There are currently 14 members in the group, each playing a special role in the creative process.

The lead member and founder is Clifford Simpson, better known as Kevin Abstract, a rapper from Texas. He is known for his popular album “American Boyfriend,” as well as his braggadocious approach to his sexuality. Ameer Vann follows close behind as the second most popular individual member, known for his dark tones exploring his experiences about depression and growing up black in America. The other members are less known, but still contribute valuable talent from Merlyn Wood’s crazy lyrics to Matt Champion’s smooth bars. Bearface reminds many BROCKHAMPTON fans of a younger Frank Ocean and Dom McLennon has shown extreme lyrical growth in each succeeding album. JOBA also brings a unique twist to the genre that BROCKHAMPTON incorporates.

BROCKHAMPTON is a boy band, but they are very different from your mother’s boy band. Instead of singing cheesy lyrics that only high school girls could enjoy, BROCKHAMPTON brings straight fire to the mic with their intense approach to rap and R&B. Their rap ability is on full display in their debut album, “Saturation.” With songs such as “HEAT,” “GOLD” and “BUMP,” the album offers much for the veteran hip-hop enthusiast. BROCKHAMPTON is still able to change gears and offer great R&B songs such as “BOYS” and “FACE.” They also explore the college experience in the song “MILK” and offer advice for being unashamed of who you are.

The first album offered a blueprint that BROCKHAMPTON was quick to copy in their future albums “Saturation II” and “Saturation III.” “Saturation II” contains songs such as “GUMMY,” “QUEER” and “GAMBA.” The boys are not afraid to let their individual talents show on each song, and together it produces beautiful music that I’ve personally enjoyed for the past six months. “Saturation III” is their most recent album and contains more R&B and alternative pop than its predecessors. With songs such as “JOHNNY,” “BLEACH” and “RENTAL,” BROCKHAMPTON was able to accomplish a cohesive album once again.

My personal favorite aspect of BROCKHAMPTON is their consistency. From the month of June to Dec., they were able to produce three studio albums, and each arguably better than the last. They are also not afraid to break down barriers. By calling themselves a boy band, they are essentially removing many stereotypes that most people tend to associate with boy bands. Kevin Abstract is not afraid of discussing his sexuality, which is stereotypically difficult to do as a rapper and a black man. Other members of the group also are not afraid to express their emotions. As a listener, I am able to identify with many of the emotions being expressed, many of which have become personal theme songs.

The group has already announced their fourth studio album, “Team Effort,” which should be coming out this year. This group is hungry and shows no sign of letting up. It is still the beginning of their journey, so it is not too late to hop on the bandwagon. Start off with “Saturation” and you too will be asking, “Have you heard of BROCKHAMPTON?”

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